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How Manu and Women Like Her Are Dominating Crypto


Manu is a 32-year-old woman in the region of Panchkula that’s serving as a testament to how women can get ahead in the crypto space.

Manu Has Become an Active Trader

As a person from a small town, Manu, in many ways, is your typical woman. She is often seen cooking, doing daily chores, and taking care of her child. However, there is something unique about her in that after all this is done for the day, she gets on her laptop and enters the world of crypto trading.

Her young two-year-old has gotten so used to crypto graphs on mommy’s phone that the following words have been uttered time and time again from the child’s mouth:

Mama sees graphs on her phone.

For a long time, it has been suggested that the crypto space is largely dominated by men living in tech-centered cityscapes. However, Manu is a testament to how this is changing, and it looks like more women are beginning to experience intrigue regarding the world of bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the other mainstream digital currencies that have made their way into the market over the past 13 years.

Shraddha Nanchahil – who runs Money Magnet – explained in a recent interview:

Women who want to learn about cryptocurrency are mostly those who had to stop working because of their family or children, or those who have been homemakers all their lives. Women grasp things quicker than men. Risk management and money management is something we don’t need to work on with women because they’re already conscious of it.

One of the great things – according to a woman who goes by the name of Shreya – is that the crypto market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no limits to trading and windows of opportunity never seem to shut. She commented:

I usually trade when I’m free at night.

She’s pleased that crypto trading never interferes with her home duties. Another female trader is 28-year-old Arsh, who recently moved to Canada with her fiancé and who used to work as a laboratory assistant that researched plant diseases. She stated:

In India, my friends don’t really believe in crypto. They don’t think I’ll make much money, but the truth is that I’m earning five to six percent returns while trading at home.

Trying to Fit into the Crypto Crowd

She said that she initially got involved in crypto as many of her friends, fiancé’s friends, and their wives were all actively trading, and she ultimately wanted to fit in. She mentioned:

They’re all into investing, not trading… Still, they might need my technical analysis… I feel like I’ll fit in better in Canada. They talk about crypto as a source of passive income, so it’s something I see myself doing even if I start working.

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