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How New Hampshire Became a Bitcoin Hotbed And Continues To Drive Innovation


When it comes to finding vibrant Bitcoin communities, the United States seems to be the place to be. Particularly New Hampshire has been very keen on cryptocurrency over the years. This is partially due to the influx of libertarians and voluntarists, but also because many people see the benefit of Bitcoin. As a result, the local cryptocurrency exploded over the past few years and continues to grow.

New Hampshire Is Keen On Bitcoin

Things started off in New Hampshire through the Free State Project, which currently counts over 2,000 projects. More importantly, that number is expected to increase tenfold by the year 2021. Among the supporters of this project are many Bitcoin enthusiasts, but also developers, engineers, and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

It is not surprising names such as Lamassu, OpenBazaar and Arcade City all have roots in the area. Particularly this latter project is of great interest, as it is a decentralized version of Uber. By focusing strongly on the drivers and passengers, rather than corporate profits, Arcade City already has over 1,000 drivers on its payroll. Experiments like these seem to be well-suited towards the New Hampshire region, which is becoming a hotbed of cryptocurrency innovation.

But things go much further than just these few amazing projects. The world’s longest-running weekly Bitcoin meetup can be found in Manchester, New Hampshire. Although this is a local effort, similar meetup groups are popping up in different cities across the state.

Merchants who ventured into the Bitcoin world have seen their share of success originating from New Hampshire as well. Overstock.com, one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency payments, recently mentioned the majority of Bitcoin orders come from New Hampshire. Additionally, there are quite a few brick-and-mortar locations throughout the state where Bitcoin payments are accepted.

One of the most often heard complaints is how Bitcoin can’t be used to pay real-life bills. One owner of various rental properties in the state, lets people pay their rent with Bitcoin. Although the number of people paying with Bitcoin heavily depends on how the Bitcoin price evolves, but there are a handful of tenants using cryptocurrency every month.

One thing is for sure; Bitcoin brings out the best in local communities. Due to its decentralized and open-source nature, anyone can get involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. More and more regions around the world see the benefits of Bitcoin and New Hampshire is just one of many places where cryptocurrency gained mainstream traction.

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