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How NFTs Will Elevate Physical Art: The Art World at the Dawn of an Extraordinary Change


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NFTs will change everything. Through NFTs, art no longer has to be static in time. A physical piece of art is what it is, while an NFT is a mutable key that can evolve over time as utility is built for it. An NFT is a digital imprint that lasts forever in the virtual world, while a physical art is transient in time and space.

This is not to denigrate physical art, or to suggest it will be somehow less important or valuable as a result of NFTs. Quite the opposite, NFTs will evolve and lift up the art world as we know it today. The ability for artists to offer pieces that can act as a gateway key to communities, connections, and further content from the artist itself can both add value and raise the authentic mission of a given piece. The key is to combine the utility and distribution efficiency of NFT art with the practical wonder of physical art.

How Private Museum Helps Bridge Physical and Digital

That’s what Private Museum is aiming to do. It wants to give artists a platform and remove the technical barriers associated with NFTs for them. Private Museum wants to curate their own virtual museum (called the ‘Public Museum’) where collectors can peruse and purchase physical art, represented in the virtual. It also certifies the art as real, guarantees the exchange, and gives both artists and collectors confidence that the piece is being traded in an above-board manner.

Private Museum’s NFTs are all backed by artworks, which collectors can buy. Private Museum, once they create a contract agreement with the artist, will help artists to mint and formalise these NFTs. The NFT lives on Private Museum’s platform, where collectors can come and view it in immersive 3D VR (through a browser). If they like a piece, they can purchase NFT that represents the physical art.

How Art Collectors Become the Gallery

To showcase the NFTs they have bought, users can also open their own public museums. To do so, they buy the Private Museum LAND NFT. This LAND NFT allocates a user their very own private museum within the Private Museum ecosystem. Users can then host their own galleries to display their collection.. This museum metaverse can play host to friends, family, strangers, and events, as a user invites the world to view their collection and – who knows – maybe find a buyer for their work.

It takes the traditional method of gatekept, stuffy, exclusive galleries and turns it into an open-system, where collectors can create their own perfect virtual space to show off their works. It makes every collector into an art gallery, and lets the art itself speak. In this way, Private Museum seeks to upend the old order of the art world and truly democratise art.

The public museum will act as the hub, but Private Museum wants their community and their users to be the real draw for newcomers. Those who want to enjoy curated, high-quality, ‘real’ art (all NFTs are digital versions of real pieces), will flock to Private Museum’s easy-to-access metaverse of must-see museums. The Private Museum NFTs will then unlock every feature of the Private Museum ecosystem, including auctions, private viewings, gallery-hosting, ticketing for real-world events, and more.

How Private Museum Is Building a Community of Art Lovers

The potential for NFTs to revolutionise art has only just scratched the surface. Private Museum is a project that has moved fast to be first in this growing market space. They already have more than 2500 artworks signed and certified, 162 collections, and 107 artists from all around the world. Private Museum is a community of passionate art-fanatics, collectors and artists.

It’s an outward facing and expanding community that wants to embrace this new era of NFT art and truly embrace the change in the art world in a way that goes far beyond flogging pixel jpegs to the next willing buyer. Private Museum’s team are deeply entrenched in the art world, and they want NFTs to elevate and digitally sanctify physical art – and make its transaction more efficient in the modern world we live in – not replace it altogether.

As such, Private Museum’s medium term plans involve opening galleries in some of the top cities around the globe to act as testaments to the collections they display virtually, and to help bridge the gap between the two. The next masterpiece of our lifetimes will be an NFT, and Private Museum wants to host it in both the real and the virtual.

For now, Private Museum exists on the Polygon and BNB networks. There is no token (although the team may explore this in the future). The public museum will soon be open to all. Everyone can visit, see world-class physical art in virtual form, and buy their representative NFTs.

Now Find Talent: How NFTs Will Empower Artists

The gap between physical art and digital art is not so big. The gap between NFTs in reality and their potential is cavernous. Digital ownership will change art forever. Private Museum intends to be a platform that makes that process painless, profitable for all, and democratic.

By creating the museum metaverse, and thrusting gallery-like power into the hands of all its users, while also simultaneously paving the way for artists to get on the blockchain seamlessly, Private Museum has its finger on the pulse of what that change needs to look like. NFTs have a long way to go, but Private Museum is already there, ready to seize the future they are going to bring about. To keep up to date with the latest in the digital art world, join Private Museum’s Discord and Telegram channels for the latest updates.






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