SReal Platform was established to become the One-Stop solution for all real estate/asset problems of millennials. To help increase the liquidity and make it easier for millennials to invest in Real estate and other assets by integrating the blockchain technology.


Real estate is an illiquid asset and expensive. Every time you walk pass by a big fancy building ever wonder who owns it? Also think that: they must be super-duper rich to own that piece of land!

All this might seem a bit far-fetched but not impossible! You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to invest in real estate/great value assets anymore. Thus, SReal platform will bring them much closer to your budgets.


1. Tokenization

Tokenization is a blockchain mechanism that allows real estate property to be converted into digital tokens on the blockchain. This process eliminates the need for intermediaries, making the process of investing in assets faster and cheaper.

For instance, imagine a 10,000 square meters of land, you will have 10,000 tokens each representing 1 square meters of that property. Now, all you need to buy your dream property or a part of it which is an internet connection and required fund.

2. NFT

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies any digital file to be unique. An NFT functions like a cryptographic token, but unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, are not mutually interchangeable, in other words, not fungible.

The current transfer of property ownership is extremely labor-intensive and expensive. Even an equity line requires a significant amount of paperwork.  By “tokenizing” the property rights, it becomes much easier to trade and manage them.

Here’s how a real estate NFT sale could work: First, there is a legal preparation for the sale of a property as an NFT.  Then an NFT is “minted” that includes descriptive and legal data about the property, including paperwork, disclosures, reports, image files, and even videos. The NFT is proof of ownership. Legally, whoever has possession of the NFT, owns the property.

3. Tokenization Advantages

Tokenization isn’t something specific to real estate but all illiquid assets. We are already witnessing blockchain’s intervention in supply chain management and various other operations, helping digitize every financial transaction. Now, tokenizing real estate has multiple benefits and here are listed a few:

  • Liquidity & No investment barrier

One has to consider a lot of things in investing in land. When it is fractional spending, things become more natural. Anyone with a minimal capital (like millennials) can invest in real estate. Furthermore, unlike land, it is a lot easier to sell your tokens.

  • Security

Even though we have come a long way along the digital path. It is normal for people to get a bit skeptical about any online investment because of e-scams. In case of these tokens, it is always protected with cryptographic encryption

  • No middlemen

Middlemen have invaded the real estate market for a long time now. With tokenization, intermediaries are eliminated, and the process becomes faster and cheaper. Also, any manual work becomes minimal as smart contracts are used to allocate and manage tokens.


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