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How To Create, Buy, And Sell Crypto Art


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For the past few months, you may have been seeing and reading about NFTs. After all, it’s unavoidable, as the recent milestones and events related to this new type of crypto asset are just jaw-dropping.

If you’ve become interested in creating, buying, and selling crypto art, you’re in the right place. Below is a simple guide that can help you do just that.

Obtain A Wallet

The first step is to have a crypto or digital wallet. This wallet will contain the money you’ll use to buy or sell your crypto art. It’s also a requirement for any NFT-related transaction in NFT marketplaces like Pixels.

However, before you get a wallet, you need to understand or determine what cryptocurrency you’ll use. Currently, you can categorize cryptocurrency into two: coins and tokens. Coins include Bitcoin and altcoins (like Ethereum and Litecoin). On the other hand, tokens are tokenized assets, which include NFTs and crypto art.

If you want to focus on buying and selling, you can start storing Bitcoin or popular altcoins. If you’re going to focus on creating crypto art, you can just leave your wallet empty for the meantime and only get cryptocurrency once you get yourself into the marketplace of your choice. After all, most marketplaces often prefer cryptocurrency.

Find An NFT Marketplace

Once you have a wallet, it’s time to look for an NFT marketplace. Remember that the marketplace will dictate almost everything in your NFT journey, so you must pick what’s well-suited for you. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • If you plan only to buy and sell, pick the marketplace that accepts the cryptocurrency you have. If you choose popular coins, you’ll have little to no problems in this aspect.
  • If you plan to create crypto art, be sure only to pick popular NFT marketplaces that process NFT art.
  • Check if the marketplace has other options that can allow you to earn through other means. For example, you may want to start creating in a marketplace that also offers to print NFTs as a physical product to people.

Connect The Wallet To The Marketplace

If you’ve decided which marketplace you’ll join, then it’s time to connect your wallet to that marketplace. On the other hand, some marketplaces also offer digital wallets, so if you don’t have a wallet yet, it’s the perfect time to create one.

The Creation, Buying, And Selling Of Crypto Art Depends On The Marketplace

This section isn’t an actual step in creating, buying, and selling crypto art, but this is more about what to expect. The exact creation, buying, and selling processes vary from marketplace to marketplace. However, they do share some similarities, and if you’re a bit tech-savvy, you can go through these steps without any challenge.

Here are the typical steps you’ll need to go through to create crypto art on a marketplace:

  1. Find out how much money the marketplace requires for you to tokenize or create your crypto art. They only accept the primary cryptocurrency that they use most of the time—most often than not, it’ll be Ethereum. Secure the amount, and proceed to the next step.
  2. Prepare the image file that you want to tokenize. Be sure to have the file ready on your computer or smart device, and you can upload it to the marketplace to tokenize and list it on the marketplace.
  3. Follow the NFT creation procedure in your marketplace. Typically, a button on the marketplace’s site will take you directly to the NFT creation page. You’ll usually be asked if you just want to create a single asset or collectible or multiple ones. Listing crypto art as a single asset will make it unique and fetch a higher price while listing it as numerous will make it more like a limited-edition collectible art.
  4. Upload the file and fill up the required parameters. The marketplace will present you with a few options in the creation stage. You can put your crypto art on sale or just tokenize the asset and keep it in your wallet in this phase. You can also decide the price of the assets and associated royalties. Aside from those, you can add related information regarding the piece of art you’re uploading (e.g., name, description, et cetera).


As you can see, it’s simple to buy, sell, and create crypto art. Thankfully, most marketplaces have decided to make it easy for everyone to go through this process to allow more people to participate in this new type of market. Now that you know more about these processes, you can start and find a marketplace where you’ll want to start your NFT journey.



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