A social network can serve not only as a place for communication but also as a platform for earning money. One example of a platform that can help get profit is XQR. The new generation social network XQR provides users with several ways to earn money in one place.

We share how to earn money on XQR and how to maximize opportunities provided by the platform

Top 5 ways to earn on social network XQR

XQR is not just a social network. It is a platform that can be used for self-promotion, communication and searching for partners and products. More details on the project are available in the video:

It is worth emphasizing those ways to earn money in XQR that serve as a differentiating factor among other social networks. Let’s dive deeper into such ways.

1 – Loyalty program

XQR pays for attracting new users in the cryptocurrency with the biggest capitalization – bitcoin (BTC). To start earning on the referral program of the new generation social network it is enough to be registered.

For every new verified user, XQR pays 0.00000050 BTC. Users with PRO and VIP accounts can earn more. The system pays them 0.00000100 BTC and 0.00000200 BTC respectively for each new verified user.

2 – Coins distribution (Mining)

The new generation social network XQR distributes coins to their users from its reserve fund. By simply logging into the wallet the user gets 0.00000003 BTC from the system. The reward is available no more than 5 times a day.

Users with PRO and VIP accounts can get more coins. For logging into the wallet, the system transfers them 0.00000005 BTC and 0.00000010 BTC respectively. In the same way as with regular accounts, the limitation is set to a maximum of 5 times a day.

Apart from that, XQR also provides users with additional bonuses. The artificial intelligence system of the social network analyses users’ interactions on a daily basis. Every day it awards the most active users on the platform with 0.00001000 BTC.

3 – Crypto cashback

Another opportunity to earn within the XQR ecosystem is to get cashback from purchases within the platform’s marketplace. According to the project founder and cybersecurity expert Roman Prototskyi, users can receive about 5% of the price of goods or services purchased.

4 – Investing in the project’s token

The social network XQR has its native token – 5Bill. At this moment, the project’s developers are in the negotiation process on listing the cryptocurrency on popular digital asset exchanges, in addition to Waves.Exchange and Coinsbit. Investing in the token today – at the stage of active XQR growth – presents an opportunity to earn on its token price growth.

5 – Selling goods and searching for partners

The new generation social network XQR differentiates itself with a unique interface. Users can display their goods or services for purchase on their profile pages.


A personal profile screen of a XQR user

Also, XQR can be seen as a platform for seeking business panthers, potential collaboration with whom can bring additional income in the future.

Why is XQR worth your attention today?

XQR is an ambitious platform the development of which is performed by experts under the leadership of the well-known developer in the crypto community Roman Protetskyi who succeeded in launching several projects.

The high level of the XQR team’s experience and first successes in developing the social network allows anticipating further progress that will positively influence the price of its native token. Therefore, investments in 5Bill today may bring good profits in the future.

Today the multi-purpose platform offers favorable terms on earning with the referral program and other instruments. With the user base growth, the functionality will be extended.

As for monetization, it is hardly a secret that users and investors at early stages get maximum opportunities for earning. Do not miss the chance to profit off current XQR offers.

Entrepreneurs that see the social network as a platform for promoting their goods or services can benefit from an early registration as they can attract a target audience with reduced competition. The more users are registered on XQR, the harder it will be for businesses to attract new clients.


XQR clearly has competitive advantages over all current social networks due to extended functionality that can be also used for earning money.

Project’s developers do not limit the users’ opportunities to work with instruments for earning money. For example, users can simultaneously get profits from coins distribution and the referral program while the level of income directly depends on active usage of the platform.

For those who prefer passive income, the XQR platform has special offers. Investments in the project’s token provide a way to profit off the platform’s growth.

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