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How to Make Money if #OpenUpAmericaAgain Postponed (as Worse as) to September?


When will the lockdown end in the U.S.A? Surely this question is shared by people from India, Italy, Colombia, and South Africa.

But no one knows the answer.

“This is not an economic problem. This is a virus problem, the best way to get our economy back is to invest in fighting the outbreak.” Said Farzad Mostashari, the founder of Aledade, a company for an affordable solution for medical care.

The topic of #OpenUpAmericaAgain hangs unsolved for weeks, during which time people still need to pay the bills with millions among us become unemployed or as a matter of fact unpaid.

Quoted as President Trump quoted in March, “coronavirus crisis could stretch into August”, it is pessimistically predicted that the lockdown could persist towards the end of the summer.

(Image: Do you miss working in the office? They miss you too.)

 Advice for Crypto Holders: Maintain a Balance Between Investment and Saving

While financial income sources are cut off, saving becomes a must option to survive the crisis.

“Bitcoin holders are apparently affected but it shows strengthen against the strike,” revealed by Knash Nikolsson, the marketing director of Bexplus, a bitcoin-based futures trading platform, “some of them choose to sell bitcoin for cash to pay debts, but for those who are not so anxious to clear the hands, it is a chance to grow the assets taking fluctuations in prices as an opportunity.”

According to the usage data provided by Bexplus, the long vs. short competition has seen that the short party can possibly take more profits than the long traders as the growth of the number of traders stands for the possible winning result of that direction. Moreover, the limit order feature is 11.20% more adopted than the previous 14 days.

The HODL strategy is weird to be so popular when the bitcoin prices are not steadily increasing.

“It’s because that the saving wallet system offers an industry-leading high annualized interest rate that the Bexplus wallet becomes an ideal option to store bitcoins when users hesitate to trade. All new users can enjoy the full rate as below in the first month, unbiasedly.”

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Advantages of Bexplus Futures Trading

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