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How to Short Crypto Tokens on Bitfair?


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Bitcoins and altcoins gained an explosive adaption not just for holding but from traders too. For quite some time the trade was limited to holding the crypto assets as they were highly volatile.

As technology advanced, some traditional trading platforms offered multiple trading options to the traders. Bitfair bought a revolution in trade for altcoins primarily that held massive potential but the flexibility of trade and risk protection was limited.

Bitfair is the only platform that brings leverage trading to altcoins as the platforms seemed to be based between bitcoin and altcoins. It brings traders an approach to diversify the portfolio and spreading the risks.

Buy and Short tokens on Bitfair

Because of the volatility of the crypto market, nobody can predict the right time to invest and right duration to hold. Bitfair opens up a new platform for traders with a profit/loss stop point so that they can do both buy and short trades.

For a buy trade, it allows traders to buy the token and pocket the profit that is brought in by the store of value of the cryptocurrency. With the Bitfair marketplace, you can place your right bid to purchase the crypto assets and then hold the contract for a predefined period and profit when it goes up in value.

To short a token, the process is similar as Bitfair makes it easy to short altcoins. As it offers traders a profit/loss set point to avoid any risks to the altcoins they possess. The advantage that Bitfair brings to traders is a unified marketplace of buyers and sellers where they can buy or short a trade without having to switch any platform.

With a very nominal trade fee to pay, it acts as a very profitable source of earning for the trader. Liquidity available and open orders make it an even better platform to trade. Whenever a position for short or long trade is available, an OTC is matched and the SOC is placed for the specific trade.

If the positions are not open, a queue is formed to keep the long or short trades active and be matched peer-to-peer between traders.

The spread adjustment policy or SAP is applicable to all the open orders that could not find a position yet. It creates a fair trading platform for each long and short trade by spreading the pricing change across the ceiling and the bottom.

Final thoughts

Bitfair brings a really fair platform for altcoin traders to take the benefit of sudden price movements. It overcomes the flaws of traditional trading exchanges that do not offer the flexibility to altcoins for long and short trades. Traders can pick up the right currency at right price movement and buy or short a trade for up to 1000 times leverage that is effectively 10 times higher than any other leveraged platform.

Innovative peer to peer marketplace for altcoins, Bitfair opens up fair marginal trading channels for altcoins so that the trade is not limited to just bitcoin holders.

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