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Hunny Launches Hunny NFT Marketplace and its Utility NFTs


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Hunny has been creating a lot of utilities for its token such as high returns yield farming as well as iGaming and crypto casino platform since June 2021. Now they are launching Hunny NFT Marketplace on BSC and will definitely steal the scene in this NFT summer for their NFTs with staking and other special functionalities. We are super hyped for Hunny NFTs!

Hunny NFT Ecosystem


More Details on the Types of The Oh-So-Hot Hunny NFTs

1. Collectibles NFTs

To satisfy your obsession with our HunnyBunnies, Hunny Team is going to pre-mint only 300 Hunny collectible NFTs (16% of the first batch will be reserved for marketing). For the first batch, they will have 50 pieces of 6 HunnyBunnies from the OG series in Phase 1 with different sets of attributes to define their rarity. Every NFT will have a rarity score from 0–15 stars.

So what’s so special about the OG series?

The rarity of OG series Collectibles will give you an additional booster to referral rewards* and VIP cashback ranks*.

Rarity Chart
Legendary: Increase VIP cashback rank +2 & Increase Referral rewards +20%
Epic: Increase VIP cashback rank +1 & Increase Referral rewards +10%
Rare: Increase Referral rewards +10%
Common: Increase Referral rewards +5%

Why you should get the OG series Hunny Collectible NFTs

Only for this series, all 300 OG Series NFT holders will be part of HunnyPlay VIP Club Members. *Future benefits of being HunnyPlay VIP Club Member includes

– Chances to get exclusive collab NFT airdrop
– Priority access to Launchpad
– Free spins
– More benefits to be announced

Other Series Coming up

Hunny NFT will include other collections such as Cyber Hunnies, Collab series, Hunnies ambassador series coming soon after Phase 1.

 2. Staking NFTs gameplay with NFT Vault

This is not your average NFTs, but an NFT with staking functionality. The First Staking NFT Collection in the DeFi space!

If you own one of these staking NFTs, you will be earning more $CAKE, $BNB, and $HUNNY by staking the NFTs in the NFT Vaults! Staking platform revenue and rewards from the staking will be shared by staking in their NFT vaults.

Hunny Team has been working really hard (and smart) on this staking gameplay to make it more interactive for all Hunnies! If you know how to play poker, you will know which cards to collect. It’s that easy. With a good combination of Staking NFTs, your returns will be amplified. There will be 3 different decks i.e. Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

3. NFT Poker Table

First-of-its-kind in the NFT scene where ownership of a poker table is being sold as an NFT. NFT owner can own a table in the main lobby. Imagine you can share the profits of the rake in the table from anyone who plays on your poker table. Apart from burning and some running costs, the remaining of the profit will go to the NFT owners.

1.5% HunnyJar
1.5% to Owner
1% to Running cost
1% to Burn

There will only be 2 Poker Table NFTs available for now.

4. Gaming NFTs

Hunny will be dropping gaming NFTs for their Play-To-Earn game soon!

How to buy Hunny NFTs?

Hunny NFT Marketplace will be launched on the 25th Oct 2021, UTC 0800. You can purchase your NFT in 2 ways: Bidding and Mystery Box. Every bid event will last for 3 days and the featured NFT will be awarded to the final bidder.

You can also purchase the NFT you like from Mystery Box, which randomly awards you from a list of pre-minted NFT. The mystery box sale event will have start and end date. Here’s the flow:

  1. User submits a transaction to buy a mystery box. You will be awarded a closed mystery box.
  2. When the sale event ends, you can then open and find out what you get. If you are lucky, you will get NFTs of a better class!

Here are the dates you should look out for!

Collectibles NFTs

Bidding Schedule:

25-Oct UTC 0800 to 27-Oct UTC 0800, Bid for Belle (1 Legendary + 1 Epic)
28-Oct UTC 0800 to 30-Oct UTC 0800, Bid for Miki (1 Legendary + 1 Epic)
31-Oct UTC 0800 to 2-Nov UTC 0800, Bid for Naomi (1 Legendary + 1 Epic)
3-Nov UTC 0800 to 5-Nov UTC 0800, Bid for Ayumi (1 Legendary + 1 Epic)
6-Nov UTC 0800 to 8-Nov UTC 0800, Bid for Sabrina (1 Legendary + 1 Epic)
9-Nov UTC 0800 to 11-Nov UTC 0800, Bid for Hanna (1 Legendary + 1 Epic)

The price of Legendary and Epic OG Series Hunny NFT will be determined by the final bids. Starting bid will be revealed during each bidding event.

Mystery Box Schedule:

From 6-Nov UTC 0800 to 9-Nov UTC 0800, You can purchase your collectible NFTs from Collectible Mystery Box (240 boxes are available) directly from Hunny Marketplace.

Premium Collectible Mystery Box: Chance of rarity (28% Epic, 64% Rare, 8% Common)

Luxe Collectible Mystery Box: Chance of rarity (2% Epic, 8% Rare, 90% Common)

Staking NFTs

Bidding Schedule:

Starting from 12-Nov UTC 0800, every Friday to Sunday, you can bid for Staking Joker Card NFT (Silver, Bronze and/or Gold).

Mystery Box Schedule:

Starting from 15-Nov UTC 0800, every Monday to Thursday, you can purchase a Staking Mystery Box (208 boxes a week for 4 weeks) directly from Hunny Marketplace. Chance of rarity (6% Gold, 32% Rare, 62% Bronze)

Poker Table NFTs

Mystery Box Schedule:

From 12-Nov UTC 0800 onwards, the first Poker Table NFT will be hidden in one of the Staking Mystery Boxes. This will be a very special NFT as there will only be 2 tables available for this launch.

Bidding Schedule:

From 3 Dec UTC 0800 to 5 Dec UTC 0800, you can bid for the second Poker Table NFT. Starting bid will be revealed during the bidding event.

Ways to get a Free Hunny NFT before anyone!

They have 6 OG Collectibles NFTs giveaway. Follow Hunny’s social media and start sharing with your friends. Read more in this tweet!



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