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Hyosung America and Digital Mint Join Hands in the Name of Crypto


Hyosung America is joining hands with Digital Mint, a premier cash-to-crypto platform, so it can launch a new API-based app store.

Digital Mint Is Looking to Ensure Safe Access to Crypto

The big clincher with Digital Mint is that customers can purchase bitcoin instantly at both ATM and teller locations throughout the U.S. The company also has its own software companies can implement if they are interested in engaging in bitcoin sales. Founded in the year 2014, Digital Mint machines can be found in a wide variety of stores throughout the country including gas stations, grocery chains, convenience stores, and financial service centers.

Don Wyper – chief operating officer of Digital Mint – explained in an interview:

We’re thrilled to be the first product on the upcoming Hyosung app store. We’re looking forward to working with Hyosung America to make cryptocurrency services easily and safely accessible to their 175,000 deployed ATMs in the United States and beyond.

Hee-Eun Ahn – CEO for Hyosung America – also added comments to the mix, stating:

Our nationwide distribution scale and relationships with top ATM value-added resellers and independent operators provides Digital Mint with unprecedented scale for its growing customer base.

Brad Nolan – CMO for Hyosung America – finished the interviews off with the following:

We are excited to include Digital Mint into our soon-to-be-launched app store. With the app store, any ATM operator using our retail software platform can subscribe and download apps such as Digital Mint, to enable their ATMs to do more – driving new revenue streams for the operators and the retailers with whom they partner. This is as easy as an app download in our new Series X meta kiosks, and in conjunction with our newly launched X10 Cash-In-Sidecar, any Hyosung cash dispenser can instantly transform into a full function device and tap into a whole new universe of transactions including bill pay, check cashing, cash deposits, POS purchase, and of course, cryptocurrency purchase.

The partnership was announced in mid-July through a webinar in which new products were introduced. Despite being called “Hyosung America,” the company is ultimately a division of a South Korea-based company known as Hyosung, Inc. The firm entered North America 24 years ago in 1998, and it has since become one of the largest ATM providers in the country.

Bringing Crypto to the Masses

Stationed in Irving, Texas, Hyosung America provides development support and financial research to its constituents through its global software center in Dayton, Ohio.

Digital Mint, since its founding eight years ago, has strived to ensure it’s able to provide customers throughout America with quick, easy, and above all, safe access to digital currencies as the crypto space becomes far more mainstream and legitimate. The company’s mission is to help customers take control of their financial futures and enjoy monetary independence without input from third parties.

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