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HyperNation – Rebuilding A Just, Fair And Transparent World With A Decentralized Economic Structure


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HyperNation, the new star of NFT, announced that it will use decentralization technology to create an open and fair virtual world. HyperNation advocates justice, fairness and transparency, which embodies the concept of decentralized finance and solves the problem of the economy being controlled by the powerful few. Decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity to individuals. By decentralizing the management of resources and the access to it in a system, greater and fairer goals can be achieved. Everyone can determine their own economic rights and interests, and address the social and economic injustice that is prevalent in today’s society.

Is there some unfairness permeating the world today? Although people all seem to put in an equal amount of effort, some people are able to gain power and wealth easily, while others are destined to fail simply because of their mediocre backgrounds. This seems to be the case in both socialist and capitalist countries. Failure does not mean that people are inferior to others. It could be that the rules of society are unjust towards everyone. So what can people do about the current democratic system and the unfair and unequal distribution of resources?

The aim of HyperNation is to change the existing paradigm. HyperNation desires fairness and justice, and so, require a new financial system. HyperNation wants transparency, so it adopts the decentralization of the blockchain as the foundation. HyperNation wants to upend the monopoly of the ruling minority, so it uses the concept of economic consensus to invent new rules, where those who contribute more can get what they rightfully deserve. HyperNation will be an equal, fair and transparent platform that will solve the pain points of today’s society.

On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a milestone document aimed at safeguarding the fundamental rights of humans, which established the fundamental concepts of dignity, freedom, and equality.

But with the ruling class having a stranglehold over the world, the economic system has become a pie to be divided only amongst the privileged few. In such a world, human rights are seen as an inconvenience that impedes economic growth. The voices of the poor have been silenced.

Politicians from the era of the French Revolution stated that resisting oppression requires the culmination of civil and human rights. How do people do it? For starters, they need to transition from a centralized economy to a decentralized financial system where everyone can fairly determine their own financial success.

In this new world, your rights are no longer determined by your status, educational background or occupation. Here, everyone can achieve their ideal life through their own efforts, with a shared consensus forming the basis of the nation’s economy. HyperNation will be the utopia that the world has been clamoring for, where no issues or discrimination shall arise from the disparity of wealth.

Becoming a Citizen of HyperNation

A perfect plan requires the combined efforts of the community to make it a reality, and HyperNation is no different. All the people need is a single NFT, which serves as an ID card. As people all know, blockchain technology leverages on decentralized ledger technology, and NFT uses a similar concept to digitize assets.

In HyperNation, an NFT is equivalent to an ID card, which serves as your pass into this virtual world. Traveling in the real world may be a hassle, with immigration requirements, visas and travel restrictions. However, this is different in the metaverse. NFT is an exciting new concept with tremendous room for growth, and our NFT ID card possesses limitless value in the future.

Fulfilling Your Responsibilities as a Citizen of HyperNation

The progress of blockchain has reached the point where people can choose a new way of life. HyperNation will use NFTs as proof of citizenship for this utopian country. In this world, every citizen can reach any country at will without going through tedious custom processes inherent in real life.

An NFT shall serve as an ID card, and the metaverse is where people construct this new nation. So, what do people need to do as a citizen? The answer is simple: share. As stated before, a consensus is the most important part of building a new nation, just like marketing is the most important part of branding.

As citizens of HyperNation, they are the witness to the development and growth of the nation, and so, they are our best spokesperson to represent us. Meanwhile, your duty is to promote the beauty of the world by inviting more people to reside in this utopia. The time is now to make your dreams a reality.

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