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IC3 Warns About Mounting Tech Support Scam Complaints Regarding Cryptocurrency


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Crime has become a very real problem in the world of cryptocurrency. Scammers come up with new ways to trick Bitcoin and altcoin owners. It seems the well-documented “tech support scam” is rising in popularity once again. As one would expect, this also impacts the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

The tech support scam is a sold as most people can remember. Criminals will pose as a company staff member and call up clients out of the blue. They will then proceed to ask for specific information, including payment details. Various variations of this scam exist as of today. It seems it is also making a bigger impact in the world of cryptocurrency.

Tech Support Scam is Popular in the Cryptocurrency World

According to the IC3 website, the tech support scam is quite popular in this industry. Criminals will pose as exchange support to contact platform users. In doing so, they effectively ask for access to a client’s account or wallet to transfer money. It is something that sounds like it will never work, yet proves to be quite successful in the end.

Additionally, it seems to gain access to electronic devices remains popular. It is evident this trend is quite worrisome, yet surprisingly successful as well. It is unclear why anyone would ever give someone access to a wallet, login credentials, or an electronic device. Even so, the IC3 has received a lot of complaints in this regard.

The bigger question is if consumers will become smarter. An out of new people invested in cryptocurrency over the past 12 months. Most of them are completely clueless when it comes to security and best practices. It seems that situation will not improve by any means. Cryptocurrency is a very delicate form of money, which needs to be treated with respect and a willingness to take control. Anything other than that is simply not done.

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