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ICOs Raising a lot of Money Seemingly Have Terrible Short-term ROIs


Initial coin offerings have been a great source of profits and speculation. That is the case in most cases, yet some of these projects are utter failures in this regard. The ICO Watch List website shows how a lot of projects have negative ROIs. Some are even down by over 80%, which is rather worrisome. Always do your own research before making an ICO investment.

It is evident a lot of ICOs will struggle in the coming months and years. Some ambitious projects may not even be feasible, to begin with. Explaining the idea on paper is one thing, but writing code is something else entirely So far, there are quite a few coin offerings which perform well below expectations. The list on ICO Watch List illustrates this point perfectly. Although all of these projects are in the early stages, there are some worrisome signs on the horizon.

ROI of ICOs can be Rather Disappointing

The biggest “losers” are CoinDash, Suretly, EventChain, and Starta. Not the biggest names whatsoever, but still worth mentioning. Paragon Stox, Basic Attention Token, KIN, and Bancor are also performing pretty badly right now. It is hard to create a proper value for a project that doesn’t exist yet. This also confirms raising a lot of money doesn’t warrant future profits automatically either.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ICOs which also generate positive ROI. The clear winner is Stratis, with a 40,162% increase. Ark and NEO are also in the top three. All of these projects raised $4m or less, which is quite interesting. The more companies raise, the harder it becomes to maintain the initial token valuation. Then again, these rankings can still change quite a bit over the next few months. A lot of ICO projects are still working on their code as we speak.

All of this shows ICO investments are hit-and-miss. Some ICOs will perform well from day one, whereas others will struggle. It is always best to leave ICO tokens aside for a year before checking their price again. Building a project from scratch takes time and require some degree of trust. There is also a lot speculation and manipulation affecting token values right now. It will be interesting to see how these ICOs evolve over the next 12-24 months.

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