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Idan Abada Shows Just How Easy It Is to Be a BTC Miner


Idan Abada is a man who lives in Los Angeles. Getting into bitcoin a few years back, Abada has made a real name for himself in the mining sector of the crypto space, though the circumstances surrounding his situation are quite unique.

Idan Abada Is Running a Successful – and Simple – Mining Rig

Normally, we hear of people running mining rigs that consist of many machines. They are all lined up in rows in a large warehouse somewhere as they work tirelessly to extract new bitcoin units from the blockchain, though Abada uses only one machine worth approximately $875 at press time. In addition, he is not spending hundreds of dollars each month on electricity to run his operation. Rather, he is utilizing the free electricity he gets from a local Starbucks.

Since posting a video of himself running the machine in the coffee house, Abada has become something of a social media star as well. The video boasts approximately 2.6 million views on Tik Tok (apparently, there are more bitcoin fans out there than we know).

Describing his mining operation, Abada explained in an interview how easy things have been for him, and that anyone can potentially become a crypto miner if they are willing to learn:

It’s one of the easiest miners to set up and run, because all you need is a computer or a laptop. It’s powered by USB, and that’s pretty much it. Everyone can become a miner and be a part of the crypto world.

Things didn’t start out this way. Initially, Abada began mining cryptocurrency in his house. This was in 2015, and he made a pact with his roommates that he would pay extra for electricity. Two years later, things were going so well that he decided to open his own mining shop. He says:

I noticed it was really hard to buy equipment for mining bitcoin, so I created bitcoinmerch.com. At first, it was just me selling some cables and some very basic equipment.

Nowadays, Abada is offering a lot more, and things appear to be moving in the right direction. Thus far, in 2021, his company has made more than $400,000 in sales. That’s an increase of more than 350 percent over the past 12 months.

One of the More Popular Items

One of the items that he sells that’s been gaining a lot of popularity as of late is a rig known as the New Pac. He says:

We have sold thousands, and when we get more, they run out quick… It’s not loud, so you can run it next to your desk. That’s a huge benefit. With industrial miners, you need a warehouse, you need power lines, you need the cooling, it’s a whole thing. If you try to run one out of your house, it’s going to be so loud, you won’t be able to sleep in that house anymore.

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