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IMMLA Introduces Blockchain Technology into Logistics Business


Today’s method of transporting goods from point A to point B involves; a cargo seller (sender), a cargo carrier and a cargo buyer (recipient). But in a real-world scenario, there are more than three people involved,  mostly as middlemen which includes freight forwarders, accountant, banks and so on, each of whom adds to the total cost and time of the transport. Here’s where IMMLA steps in.

IMMLA is an international logistics service on the blockchain, that aims to change the freight transporting business (land, sea, air) while reducing the costs and adding more security, by putting all the middlemen on a decentralized platform based on blockchain. Each cargo owner can find the best solution from thousands of options, for the best price, time, and quality.

The cargo owner will register, select the best option in the auction, and pay the carrier with IML smart tokens.

Here are some convincing pros of joining:

– Cargo transportation is monitored from start to end. All actions are recorded in the blockchain
– IMMLA has commercial interest in the successful completion of the cargo transportation for all parties
– IMMLA will issue personal licenses for suppliers through the modern DLT technology. Other entities will be able to verify this
– All payments will be performed only in IMMLA tokens

The company is currently at the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) stage, and some of its plans for the rest of 2017 are to develop infrastructure, developing the first IMMLA autotruck and sea blocks and completing the module of registration and applications.

In 2018 land and sea cargo modules will be launched in Russia while making the first $1M in revenue by the year-end. It will be followed by expansion to China in 2019, Western Europe in 2020, and spread into the Asia region by 2021. By the end of 2023, IMMLA intends to make its services available across the world.

IMMLA will be issuing a total of 445,122,735 IML tokens during the pre-ICO and ICO rounds. Soon after the completion of crowdsale, additional tokens will be issued to founders, team and bounty participants, which will amount to 185% of total tokens made available during the crowdsale.

After the completion of Pre-ICO, IMMLA issued over 10M tokens, 2.047 ETH

The four-stage ICO started on September 15th and will end on October 15th and has 4 stages:
– 1st stage 39.1% of total tokens, 1ETH = 3640 IML
– 2nd stage 23.9% of total tokens, 1ETH = 3549 IML
– 3rd stage 23.1% of total tokens, 1ETH = 3458 IML
– 4th stage 13.9% of total tokens, 1ETH = 3367 IML

You can join in the ICO at ico.immla.io


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