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Infinity8 Won ‘Best NFT Marketplace 2021’ Award by Crypto Expo Dubai


Infinity8 awarded Best NFT Marketplace at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021, only a few months after launching at the AmfAR gala in July.

Sacha Jafri, the world’s second highest-selling living artist, shined brightly at the AmfAR gala during the Cannes film festival in the south of France. The extravagant event celebrated its 27th edition with Sharon Stone as a speaker, and Alicia Keys delivered a brilliant performance in a continuous attempt to raise funds for AIDS and Covid -19 research.

This year gala was a more intimate event than previous years, with exclusive visitors reduced from 900 to 400 individuals due to the COVID-19 regulations in place.

As several purchasers left to return to their penthouse suites, the auction began what would have been the event’s spectacular conclusion. Even though several had already departed, Sacha Jafri, together with billionaire philanthropist Javed Fiyaz, founder of infinity8.io , sold over 1,500 open edition of Sacha’s first NFT “On The Wings of an Angel”  for a sum of 750,000 euros ($950,000) in less than forty five seconds.

The NFT sale, done in partnership with the NFT Marketplace  infinity8.io outperformed an Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse piece, that also brought up 375,000 euros ($442,702), a Chopard 18-karat white gold diamond, and a Michael Kagan Astronaut, that also managed to sell for 400,000 euros ($472,215.60).

More recently at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 infinity8.io won the award for the “Best NFT Marketplace 2021”.

infinity8.io  is the first Philanthropic NFT Marketplace to fill the gap between fine Art and digital Art by listing and creating NFTs in partnership with some of the greatest artist as well as promoting emerging talents.

Infinity8’s COO Valentin announced together with Sacha Jafri during the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 some really exciting projects to be released in the coming weeks.

A collection of 100 Crypto Angels created by Sacha Jafri with each Angel representing a different charity. https://infinity8.io/crypto-angels/

They also announced a partnership with Simon Mcnally an Irish artist who has been exploring many different styles throughout his career and for which they decide to create together a drop that represent the journey of the artist through different countries and culture, adopting a new style for every new destination that he reached. infinity8.io will donate part of the proceeds from this drop to a mental health awareness charity.

And finally the big announcement of this Crypto Expo Dubai 2021, the project that has been the biggest attraction during this event the upcoming launch of Infinity8’s Happy Hippos.

Happy Hippos are a collection of programmatically, randomly AI-generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The first generation consists of 8888 Hippos assembled from over 1 million options. All the Hippos are cool but the coolest are the ones with the most complete looks (higher amount of attributes: beard, hat, costume, glasses…).

“The hippos are Happy and live in Harmony in Africa however as an endangered species they are waiting for you to adopt them. For each Happy Hippos NFT purchase a donation will be made on behalf of the buyer to a wildlife foundation that helps protect them in their natural habitat. And each Happy Hippos NFT owner will receive an official certificate of adoption of a real Hippo. Explore our collections and adopt your Happy Hippos now!”

You can already browse through the adorable Happy Hippos at https://infinity8.io/happy-hippos/ and contact the team on social media to reserve yours.



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