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Inside Scoop On Why DTX Is A Must-Buy As Toncoin And Uniswap Investors Take Advantage


The anticipated crypto bull run is visible in the price movements and coin earnings of the top altcoins in the market. Moreover, the demand for DTX Exchange (DTX), a new and public presale token, indicates that investors are taking calculated risks to gain massive profits before the rally ends. 

Meanwhile, Toncoin (TON) and Uniswap (UNI) holders are looking at DTX for portfolio diversification.

Discover why TON and UNI holders are buying DTX.


The Best Crypto To Buy Now: DTX Exchange Public Presale ROI Promise Lifts Its Investor Fit

Investors dabbling in crypto for fun and investors looking for a long-term wealth-building solution have their eyes on DTX Exchange, a presale token promising to deliver massive profitability to its early investors. 

DTX commands attention from all types of crypto market participants for its unique platform, which lists over 120,000 investment products. On DTX, investors can acquire centralized assets such as bonds, unit trusts, CFDs, and commodities and trade cryptocurrencies. 

This hybrid system has endeared DTX to crypto market participants, making it the best crypto to buy now. As its presale progresses, it enjoys massive investor inflows as enthusiasts discover more of its unique features. For example, DTX is easy to use, enables automated trading with bots, and eliminates brokers, as users have non-custodial wallets with investments at their discretion. 

Further, high demand in DTX Exchange’s public presale results from the success of its private sale after netting $2 million in network upgrading funding.


Toncoin Price Rises As Fresh Round Of Crypto Rally Begins

Toncoin’s price rise continues as the next crypto bull run starts. TON started an upward momentum in May when it launched on Telegram as a payments facilitation token. The rally continued in June, with Toncoin pumped 15% from $6.26 to $7.22. Moreover, TON attracted investor interest and demand upon launching Notcoin (NOT), a Web 3 play-to-mine token that introduced DeFi into decentralized gaming. 

Toncoin holders remain optimistic that the project will catch on and attract new investors, increasing its value. Meanwhile, experts suggest that TON is on the verge of a significant rally, with analysis showing that it trades in an ascending triangle pattern. Despite the optimism, on-chain analysis indicates a slowdown in uptake and selling pressure as long-term holders cash in on their gains. 

Based on this information, Toncoin investors buying DTX believe it is a viable project that can bolster their portfolios. 

There is a bullish market sentiment for TON as its price keeps rising. Crypto price prediction indicates that Toncoin may end the year at $10. 

Uniswap Impresses Investors With Renewed Price Surge 

As the crypto rally continues, digital assets attract new investor interest and rising prices. UNI is one of the tokens riding the upward wave to the joy of its holders. Between May and June, UNI’s price has soared from $7.50 to $10.65, despite regulatory challenges.

The rising Uniswap price is due to its focus on web3 gaming. Uniswap Labs’ recent acquisition of Crypto: The Game helped boost its price in the market and attract more investors, as seen in the rising June trading volumes

Experts suggest a bullish market sentiment for Uniswap, based on its price activity and technical analysis confirming that its RSI is at 64 and rising toward the overbought zone. Moreover, its MACD is drawing a green histogram, a bullish indicator. Crypto price predictions show that UNI may reach $15 by the end of the year. 

Buy DTX For Massive Presale Gains And Portfolio Boost

DTX Exchange is an ideal portfolio addition. DTX promises a 500% ROI at the end of its public presale for early investors. With the presale in Stage 2 and a 200% anticipated gain from the current $0.04 to $0.12, its predicted listing price, we believe it will achieve a feat that TON and UNI are unlikely to, making now the best time to buy DTX Exchange. 

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