Intel has made a valuable contribution to the Hyperledger Project in the form of Sawtooth Lake. The semiconductor company’s new platform is highly modular and it is designed to assist in building, deploying and running the distributed ledgers or blockchains. The deployment of Sawtooth Lake will enable companies to have their own blockchain’s ready and running in no time.

Being a modular platform, Sawtooth Lake allows a great deal of customizations of the distributed ledger in addition to three predefined transaction families that comes built in. Being part of the Hyperledger project, which by itself is an open source project, Intel has released the Sawtooth Lake under Apache License and the source code is made available on GitHub. The three transaction families available on Intel’s Sawtooth Lake include EndPointRegistry, IntegerKey, and MarketPlace for registering ledger services, testing deployed ledgers and for buying, selling and trading digital assets respectively.

The Sawtooth Lake repositories include sawtooth-core with fundamental classes that come of use all the way along while using the platform, then there is sawtooth-validator for running validator process on every node. The sawtooth-mktplace for implementing the MarketPlace transaction family. Some of the other repositories are sawtooth-dev-tools and sawtooth-docs for launching network validators and documentations.

Sawtooth Lake also includes Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET), the Nakamoto consensus algorithm with Intel Software Guard Extensions as a trusted execution environment. Intel Software Guard Extensions is in place for safety and randomness in the application.

The introduction of Intel’s Sawtooth Lake will not only help the Hyperledger Project but also a lot of other companies that are interested in deploying blockchain technology. By making the deployment easier for the companies, we can expect a lot of them to start experimenting with it at least.

We can expect a lot of changes in the blockchain sector soon. Thanks to Hyperledger project and the companies involved in it.

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