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Interest in Blockchain for the Present and Future


The amount of information on the blockchain is simply off scale: online courses, ICO webinars, new crypto-currencies, investments and much more. Even someone who tried to mine independently several years ago can be lost in all this information or it may seem difficult to them. As for beginners, it’s generally easier to turn away than start working in this field.

Some time ago, blockchain course aimed exclusively at developers could be found among many other courses. Insiders argue that such courses as Blockchain Developer Training and Certification are serious, even with harsh intensity, and giving good results. Most importantly, you can study on this course for free, which is essentially different from many of such offers by competitors.

We can say that blockchain is not only permanently appearing ICOs and cryptocurrencies, but first of all (and this is obvious) a new field of work for programmers. However, it is virtually impossible to decide on the direction, evaluate the possibilities for developing your own blockchain project, and solve specific problems.

Such courses can initially be planned for Scala-developers. But practice shows that this topic is interesting not only to them, but also to specialists from other areas. Basically, those can be representatives of companies that are considering the technology of blockchain as they want to implement prototypes or already apply some orders using blockchain technology. But there are also those who have never developed such projects, but want to get acquainted with technology, for example HRs or project managers. They are looking for expects to recruit in their teams. And there is nothing unexpected – the blockchain is now at the peak of popularity, and the “working with the blockchain” line in the resume easily adds 50% to the salary and special attention of HR’s. At the same time, personnel specialists and other potential students (not programmers) are usually also involved in the course, perform tasks and listen attentively to the lecturers.

Thus, the courses and students can be different. The main directions in training on blockchain are the following:

– To provide a general immersion in the blockchain for any cases, for beginners. They learn about technology from all sides: not only the technical part, but also legal, economic aspects and so on;

– Blockchain for business: for executives, a more interactive format, with fewer people, often with the ability to communicate inside the team;

– The course for developers: it is important, because there are not enough developers in the field of blockchain.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about the blockchain, but it is rather superficial. Everyone says how great it is, what an explosion, that it’s the future. But the details of why this is so and how it is specifically applied, no one specifically discloses. Therefore, many decide to deal with the issue more seriously, to study how it all works. And this is the right decision, considering the current


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