As of late, cash is no longer the best way to pay for luxury items… or any items for that matter. It appears fiat currencies from all around the world, including the U.S. dollar, are suffering and being victimized by inflation and other harsh economic circumstances thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why sellers are telling all their potential buyers that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are okay to use, and the latest item up for sale with crypto is a $40 million private plane.

This Private Plane Can Be Bought with BTC

It appears that many people, both experienced investors and newbies, are turning to crypto as a means of protecting their wealth as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the globe. Bitcoin is now seen as a digital form of gold – something that can potentially protect one’s money in times of economic strife, and there’s plenty of that going on right about now.

What’s troublesome about crypto, however, is that it cannot be used in many places to purchase goods and services, and thus even though the currency is speculative and could potentially make a person rich overnight granted the price seeks to move in the right direction, it doesn’t look like bitcoin or its altcoin cousins can be used for anything serious. In other words, their original design to be used as forms of currencies are ultimately null and void at the time of writing.

Naturally, some sellers are catching onto this conundrum. They want to make a buck here and there on their items, but don’t quite know how without accepting crypto into their midst. Thus, they’re learning to be flexible and have accepted digital currencies into their hearts as items that should be cherished.

One such seller is an aviation firm known as Aviatrade, which has stated that it will now accept bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment for whatever goods buyers are interested in obtaining. The latest product from Aviatrade is a $40 million Gulfstream G650ER private jet that just recently became available. The plane – which has spent time throughout Asia and even New Zealand – is now back in its hometown of Savannah, Georgia as it awaits specific maintenance.

Soar the Skies with Crypto

While it undergoes these procedures, the plane is up for sale, and Aviatrade has announced it is open to any buyers offering cryptocurrency for the plane. This type of plane is owned by multi-billionaire CEOs and company owners such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame and Elon Musk, the famed figure behind both Tesla and SpaceX. The plane is also known for its strong fuel economy.

Philip Rushton – the president of Aviatrade – has stated that his company is open to bitcoin considering that buying the plane with cash would potentially make the transaction vulnerable to cross-border restrictions, and this is a great way to potentially entice international buyers.

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