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Interesting Dogecoin News for the Smart Investors


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The world today is looking for a currency that cannot be manipulated by the inflationary and deflationary forces. A lot of people have been frustrated by fiat currency because they have no control over maintaining the value of their hard earned money. While some investors opt to store their money in the form of gold, others have run to digital currency such as dogecoins. This form of currency was introduced in 2013, and has been the talk of the investors across the globe.

Dogecoin enables you to send money online with ease. The name is coined from doge, the Japanese breed of dog that is known to be fun. According to the latest news, developers are looking forward to ensuring that one can indirectly invest their dogecoins to bitcoins. It means that one can use this form of currency to purchase bitcoins.

Just like bitcoins, one has to mine dogecoin. The diggers plan to raise at least 72,300,000 through two rounds of IPOs. Each coin will be sold at 580 dogecoin. 35,000 dogecoins have to be sold at the beginning. After this, the remaining dogecoins will be sold at a higher price of 800 dogecoin. The value of one dogecoin is meant to increase with time. If you do your maths well, you will realize that this is a very good deal for many investors.

A Deal Too Good To Be True?

According to the dogecoin news, it has been said that many people are still skeptical about investing in this trade. There have been cases where cryptocurrencies have been termed as scams, bringing about fear and pessimism to the majority. However, considering the fact that bitcoin currency is doing so well, there is a chance that dogecoin will also be worth considering. Otherwise, there is chance that some people will regret by not having invested in this form of trade as early as today.


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