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Internet of Coins Announces Hybrid Token Crowdsale


Internet of Coins announced the launch of their crowdfund on March 21, 2017.

Internet of Coins is an environment for personal finance and aims to make the crypto space accessible to everyone irrespective of their age and background.

The platform is important for the future of crypto and blockchain due to its novelty factor. The platform aims to completely decentralized value flow across various blockchains, while eliminating the use of a third party facilitator.

The Internet of Coins crowdfund makes it possible for the interested investors to be a part of the project. Investors can use different cryptocurrencies to partake in the crowdfund. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitshares, NXT, XEM, Counterparty, and Waves are all supported.

Individual investors will receive one token for every USD worth of investment. The Internet of Coins hybrid tokens being distributed will decrease in number with time as cost per token increases. July 1, 2017 is the date when all tokens will be released to the investors. The tokens will also become freely tradable after that.

It depends up on the investor’s volition on which blockchain they will receive their hybrid tokens. The hybrid tokens issued by Internet of Coins provide a store of value across multiple blockchains, and can be used to swap value between different chains. Hybrid tokens enable this value exchange between different chains without any need for any intermediary.

Integrating different crypto communities closer together is what they aim for via Internet of coins project, and this is even evident in them supporting these different currencies for investment by the users. The team aims to raise at least 1m EUR during their crowdfund, with a maximum target of 7 million EUR.

In their quest to make these technologies available for everybody, Internet of Coins has made the interface extremely simple to operate without any need for advanced technological knowledge to work with cryptocurrencies. They have solved the issue of requiring some basic level of knowledge with cryptocurrencies faced by most wallets, by focusing on user friendliness and requiring no change or adaptations in existing wallets to connect their blockchains and value systems to this decentralized network.

Internet of Coins will implement inter-blockchain connectivity in order to create a decentralized, self-sustaining economy by implementing inter-blockchain connectivity.

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