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Introducing DAO1: The Newest Challenger to The Traditional Financial Status Quo


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18th of April 2021, Singapore – The Decentralised platform DAO1 is developing the most futuristic community-led Socio-economic infrastructure for seamless financial services without intermediaries.

DAO1’s Entry into the Alternate Finance Market

Blockchain-based financial solutions have come a long way in the past few years, registering a growth of 143% in 2021 alone. That equates to $37.69 billion combining lending protocols, decentralized exchanges, derivatives, payments, and asset protocols. Unlike traditional financial systems, decentralized applications do not disqualify anyone based on race, nationality, gender, color of skin and professional status.

DAO1 is the newest challenger to the traditional financial status quo, as it brings in an inclusive community-led financial ecosystem. It comes with a scalable structure that will embrace the best practices in the industry, and constantly upgrade its tools and modules for the growth of the community and the native token.

A Complex Financial Platform with DAO1

DAO1 is building a complex and complete ecosystem with decentralized governance from day 1, Decentralised Fund (DeF) with Hybrid Advisory powered by Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Venture & Startup Fund, Incubation, Staking, Farming, NFTs, Underwriting with DAO1 holders’ profiting from startups funded by DAO1, and more.

The Decentralised Fund (DeF) empowers the community to stake any admissible coin or token with the AI instantly, offering guidance on the most prudent projects to invest in for maximum returns. The Hybrid Advisory, powered by advanced AI algorithms consumes market data from various sources in combination with technical analysis and trading practices of an experienced trading community to provide sound trading advice.

Any community-driven ecosystem is not complete unless it contributes towards collective betterment. The DAO1 Charity Initiative allows the community to donate, raise funds and support the charitable organizations of choice.

Fuelling Innovation in Finance

DAO1 encourages innovation by organizing online hackathons allowing teams from all over the world to build & showcase their solutions, products & services, which can contribute to further advancement of the platform.

In the interest of shaping the future of fintech, DAO1 is also setting up a Crypto Venture & Startup Fund and a DAO Incubation Platform. These will identify innovative business ideas, and nurture them by providing much-needed guidance, and helping them in the fundraising process.

Full Transparency with DAO 1

DAO1 is open-source, fully transparent, and both in theory and practice incorruptible. All transactions of the organization are recorded and maintained on a publicly accessible blockchain. Interests of the organization members are stimulated by incentives in the rules tied to the native token. Proposals are the primary way for making decisions within DAO1, which are voted for by the majority consensus of involved network actors. As such, DAO1 is a distributed online community that lives and exists autonomously on the Internet, while also relying on specialist individuals – the core team to perform certain tasks that cannot be automated.

DAO1 is evolving with the speed of light, and you are invited to join our social media channels and be a part of the journey.

Media Contact

Contact email: [email protected]
Official website: https://dao1.org/


Medium: https://medium.com/@dao1official
Discord: https://discord.gg/Dmb8UYcE
Telegram: https://t.me/dao1globalchat
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DAO1/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dao1Official



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