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Investors Find Shelter In New AI Platform Presale As Bearish Trends Wipe Billions From Ethereum (ETH) And Solana (SOL)


The crypto market is experiencing a downturn as Bitcoin extends its losses, with Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) facing a price decline due to the pressure. Meanwhile, Algotech (ALGT) has garnered attention for successfully raising over $9 million in its presale. With the presale almost ending, ALGT offers an enticing opportunity for investors seeking higher profits. Can ALGT outperform ETH and SOL in achieving this feat? Let’s find out!

Algotech Presale: ALGT Nears its Launch Price With an Anticipated 87.5% ROI

Amid the crypto market downturn, Ethereum and Solana have faced significant pressure, while Algotech (ALGT), a new presale token, has emerged as the frontrunner. The decentralized algorithmic trading platform boasts a highly visionary trading approach, leveraging AI technology and machine learning.

Furthermore, Algotech helps its users easily navigate the ever-evolving financial markets by providing a transparent approach and keeping up with market trends. Algotech’s state-of-the-art trading tools and resources also enable the platform to open up new investment possibilities from a wide range of financial markets.

With automation, Algotech simplifies and speeds up transactions. Users also have a better chance to make informed decisions as they are privy to historical and real-time data analysis, optimizing their coin earnings while reducing losses.

The ongoing ALGT presale has catapulted Algotech to new heights after raising a remarkable $9.2 million. It is in the Bonus Stage at a token price of $0.08, which has sold over 90%, closing the gap to its next stage at $0.10.

Once the presale ends, ALGT’s launch price is anticipated to rise by 87.5% to $0.15. After listing on exchanges, the gains are expected to surpass 1,200%, making ALGT the best buy before the next crypto bull run.

ETH Trades Sideways, But Potential For More Investment In The Ethereum Ecosystem Rises

With the market bleeding after uncertainty over Bitcoin predictions and a downturn, Ethereum (ETH), the second largest crypto, is under pressure. Meanwhile, investors are liquidating their holdings amidst a crypto bull market.

Ethereum’s price declined by 9% from its high of $3,835 at the beginning of June to a low of $3,484 in the third week of June. Despite the price decline, Ethereum’s trading volume rose from $8.7 billion to $21 billion, suggesting a positive sentiment amongst its investors.

Meanwhile, ETH’s price shows instability after failing to surpass the $4,000 resistance level. Despite this, on-chain metrics demonstrate ETH’s resilience after the Ethereum ETF approval and the platform’s potential to attract significant capital investments.

Furthermore, given the upcoming launch of the spot ETH ETF in the first week of July 2024, there is a sense of optimism surrounding Ethereum’s potential to reach the $4K price level once again.

Solana Woes: SOL Price Could Face Further Declines

Like Ethereum, Solana is one of the top altcoins taking a heavy hit from the crypto market downturn. In the third week of June 2024, SOL’s price portrayed a dramatic decline of 36% to a low of $130 since it peaked at $204 at the beginning of Q2.

Solana’s market cap is $63.5 billion, and its trading volume slightly rose from $3,9 billion to $4.0 billion, depicting continued investor interest. Meanwhile, the decline in SOL’s price triggered a bearish sentiment, with technical indicators predicting further downturns and selling pressure.

If Solana’s price drops below the $127 resistance level, SOL could revisit the support level at $116 and potentially decline to around $100. On the other hand, if SOL surpasses the $157 resistance level, it could progress towards the next target of $188.

Algotech’s AI-Based Trading Strategies and its ALGT Presale Make it the Best Crypto To Buy Now

Algotech leverages computer algorithms, AI, and machine learning to automate trading processes. This eliminates manual and emotional trading errors, making trading more consistent and profitable.

The platform’s presale has seen ALGT raise over $9 million, and the token is expected to garner more coin earnings before its launch on exchanges. Furthermore, Algotech is offering ten lucky winners a $250k giveaway as an incentive, making it one of the best presale coins to buy now.

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