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IQeon is ‘Heads Up’: ICO Starts on January 30


After two preICOs that were a huge success for IQeon, the team is getting closer to the main token crowdsale. IQeon managed to raise the target sum during their first preICO ($1,165,000.00) and even closed it a couple of days before the official closing day. Many inquiries for investment brought to life the additional preICO, which was very flourishing as well.

That’s not a secret why the project is getting so much attention and is capable of getting the profound investment from institutions and individuals. IQeon is a revolutionary platform where players could earn on their gaming achievements and organize PvP bets on literally everything, starting from challenges on “I dare to..” and ending with bets on the results of any game existing on the Internet. This particular option is provided by the open API of IQeon gaming ecosystem.

The Blockchain technology backing up IQeon guarantees the protection and safety of the cryptowallet integrated into the personal account of each player. The IQN stored there could be used in any game hosted by the platform and exchanged into any other cryptocurrency via the inbuilt exchanger.

The Main Round of IQeon ICO starts on January 30 and lasts until March 13, 2018. The number of tokens issued for sale is 6.5M and the token exchange rate is 325 IQN for 1 ETH. IQN could be bought with ETH and BTC.

IQeon management team provides the flexible system of discount during the Main Round of ICO.

January 30, bonus is 30%

January 31-February 7, bonus is 25%

February 8-15, bonus is 20%

February 16-23, bonus is 15%

February 24-March 3, bonus is 10%

March 4-13, bonus is 5%

IQeon team is doing all that is humanly possible to make the functionality claimed in the roadmap be introduced as soon as possible. At the same time, IQeon project is actively promoted at conferences worldwide (Moscow, Great Britain, Thailand, etc.).

Everyone is welcomed to participate in the main token crowdsale! For more details, visit IQeon official website or stay connected through social network channels.

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