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Iranian Hackers May Soon Target US Financial System, Experts Claim


Cyber attacks can originate from any part of the world, although there are some regions where this type of activity seems to be more prevalent. Iran is seemingly increasing their cyber attack activity as of late. Contrary to what most people would expect, these attacks are not aimed at the United States or other Western countries. A rather surprising development, to say the least.

Iran Is Increasing Its Cyberattack Presence

It was only a matter of time until Eastern countries stepped up their cyber attack activity. With so many vulnerable computer devices and networks all over the world, there are plenty of targets to choose from. Even government networks are very prone to cyber attacks right now, a situation that will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Iranian hackers feel now is the time to attack even more networks and computers than ever before. Most of these attacks are targeting victims in Saudi Arabia, albeit the motive behind these attacks remains unclear for the time being. While Iran and Saudi Arabia are not best friends by any means, resorting to hacking seems to be a stretch too far. It seems the number of attacks only continues to increase, which has security experts concerned.

To be more precise, security experts predict it is only a matter of time until Iran directs its cyber attacks to the United States. Considering how both countries are involved in a very complicated political relationship right now, such an outcome would not be entirely surprising. The US has allegedly put Iran “on notice”, which would warrant an increase in the number of cyber attacks against American targets.

To be more specific, experts are concerned, there will be a mounting number of cyber attacks against the US financial sector. More sophisticated malware campaigns would not be out of the question. In fact, it appears Iranian hackers and online criminals have been developing some very powerful malware since 2014. Especially the Shamoon malware has experts concerned, as it is capable of entirely wiping hard drives with relative ease.

It remains unclear if and when Iran would shift its cyber attacks from the Middle east to the United States. When that change happens, however, it is only a matter of time until things get out of hand. The financial sector is under pressure from all sides, and the last thing it needs is a bunch of state-sponsored hackers making matters worse

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