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It Just Takes 3 Easy Steps to Own a 0% House Edge Casino


Whoever said that it’s hard to own and run an online casino has never heard of ZeroEdge before, the all-new way to gamble online. ZeroEdge is taking everything that you know about online gambling and turning it on its head and the best part is that you can be part of the online gambling revolution, right now!

However, before we get into how easy it really is to own your own online casino through ZeroEdge, let’s first get some insight into the current state of the online casino industry, and why it is in steady decline.

How Conventional Online Casinos Work

The so-called conventional online casino industry works on a standard model and, regardless of how sophisticated or modern they may appear to be, they all work on exactly the same principle – the house edge.

If you’ve never heard of the house edge before, let’s break it down for you here. The house edge, also known as the house advantage, is a built-in edge that the casino has over the player in every single online casino game. This includes slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, bingo, and any other casino game that is available at a conventional online casino. This also applies to live dealer casino games. The house edge is expressed as a percentage and can range from 2.0% up to 14% or more. The percentage essentially represents the mathematical advantage that the casino has over the player in any game, in other words, how much the game is skewed in favor of the house.

If you were thinking that this sounds pretty unfair you would be right. The fact that the casino will always win more than you gave rise to the old saying “the house always wins”, which is absolutely true 100% of the time – eventually.

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How ZeroEdge is changing the Industry

ZeroEdge is the first online gambling brand in the world to offer games with a true 0% house edge, something that is causing a lot of waves within the industry. Online gamblers can now sign up with ZeroEdge to experience online casino gambling with no built-in advantage for the house. The idea is catching on and you can be part of it by owning your own 0% house edge online casino as part of the greater ZeroEdge network.

ZeroEdge is a white label online gambling platform which means that you can take advantage of the ZeroEdge infrastructure and open your own branded online casino under their domain. This gives you the fastest and the easiest way to own your own online casino and it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the ZeroEdge website online
  2. Fill in the ZeroEdge online casino application form
  3. Invest in Zerocoin

Unlike conventional online casinos, ZeroEdge does not run on terrestrial currencies such as USD or EUR. Instead, ZeroEdge has created their own cryptocurrency called Zerocoin, and it’s the only way that gamblers can play ZeroEdge casino games. The beauty of this system is that, as ZeroEdge gaming becomes more popular, so the value of Zerocoin grows. This gives you more than one way to make a profit with ZeroEdge online gambling.

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