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Itoka Wants to Use Blockchain to Register All AI-Based Jingles


Itoka is a new platform that’s working to ensure all AI-generated music can be licensed and registered via the blockchain.

Itoka Uses Blockchain to Register AI Songs

AI-generated tunes are becoming more and more common. Who would have thought that a time would arrive when someone could literally create whatever notes they want without singing, playing an instrument, or knowing how to read music? We’ve come so far that we’re practically reaching a day and age where nobody needs to do anything, and they could still be successful and have huge careers.

Not long ago, Itoka was accepted into the Allen Institute for AI”s startup incubation program. Blockchain, as we all know, is predominantly considered to be the technology behind cryptocurrency, though there are many advocates out there that seem to believe it can be applied to other industries such as healthcare and manufacturing. Perhaps music registration and licensing can be another.

Co-founded by Malcolm Yang and Yihao Chen, the company seeks to “tokenize” music, therefore allowing all content creators to independently license their material and receive due compensation every time their music is played or used. Itoka puts temporary holds on the ownership of songs and works to prevent plagiarism on all licensed or registered material.

The co-founders explained in a joint statement:

Itoka is a decentralized music platform we developed to enable data self-sovereignty, the permanence of music storage, digital rights management, global music accessibility, and creator governance. We establish a new paradigm for copyright protection that doesn’t rely on the physical copyright office to enforce the legal status, but rather on code-operated smart contracts.

The company also provides tools that customers can use to enhance their tunes. There are even products and programs available to individuals that have no experience whatsoever in this field, and they’re looking to create AI-generated music for the first time. The co-founders said:

In the future, everyone will have the power to produce music, and there will be a massive amount of quality music produced every day for various purposes. As music production becomes democratized, the establishment of the current music industry and its monopoly will be significantly undermined. This will urge people to rethink creativity and artistry in content creation.

Working with Game Developers

They completed their statement by claiming that they’re looking to target game developers as their main audience members, and the company has partnered with a firm called Canva for game content licensing purposes. They said:

In the future, we will be more than happy to move on to other customer sectors and provide the most-fitting features and solutions. There are some AI-friendly musicians who’d like to help us push the boundaries of technology and music creativity, and we sincerely hope that we can achieve greatness with them together

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