Cryptocurrency adoption is growing exponentially in Japan as of late. Various exchanges are launching in the coming weeks to cater to new customers. Existing companies are slowly adding support for additional cryptocurrencies as well. BitBank, one of the many Japanese exchanges, now supports Litecoin trading. An intriguing development that could bode well for LTC as a whole.

Another Japanese Exchange Supports Litecoin

It is evident the puzzle pieces fall in the right places for Litecoin as of late. After successfully activating Segregated Witness, the LTC ecosystem has gotten a new lease on life. Up until a few months ago, things were looking a bit stale for Litecoin. Fast forward to today, and the cryptocurrency is a hot topic of discussion again. Moreover, Litecoin has seen tremendous trading volume across multiple exchanges these past few weeks.

BitBank, one of the many Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, added Litecoin support. It is always good to see more exchanges support popular currencies. Litecoin can now be traded against Bitcoin on Bitbank. It is unclear if other LTC markets will be added over time, though. According to the company blog, the exchange is the only domestic BTC/LTC exchange in japan right now. If that is the case, it won’t take long for other platforms to follow its example, though.

The company also made a mention of how two more cryptocurrencies will be added to BitBank in the future. Both Ripple and Ethereum will be supported at some point. For now, it remains unclear when these pairs will be added, though. The page mentions this will occur at some point in May of 2017. It is evident Japan is growing quite keen on cryptocurrency. Very few platforms allow for currency trades against anything other than the JPY for now.

Demand for Litecoin has been growing all over the world. The cryptocurrency ecosystem has beaten Bitcoin when it comes to implementing SegWit. Additionally, it appears Lightning Network transactions are taking place on the Litecoin testnet as well. Things are looking quite promising for LTC right now, that much is evident.

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