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Japanese Firm Mikan to Release Beta Version of Bitcoin Cash Wallet


Fans of Bitcoin Cash will be rather happy with the recent developments. While the price has it a roadblock, other things are happening as well. Mikan, a Japanese firm, will create a Bitcoin Cash-only mobile wallet for Android and iOS. A rather intriguing development, especially given the company’s reputation on the market.

More Bitcoin Cash wallets for mobile devices is always a good thing. While BCH supporters have multiple options already, there’s always room for competition. Whether or not Mikan will bring that competition, has yet to be determined. Their Yenom wallet will go into beta at the end of March 2018. Users will have full access to the features, although some minor bugs may still be present.

A Surprising Move by Mikan

Some people may be familiar with Mikan. The company has released an app which teaches English words back in 2014. That particular app has become increasingly popular over the years. This new foray into cryptocurrency is a very different creature altogether. It is a move few people had actually expected. Even so, the best things in life are often surprises.

It seems Mikan is quite convinced Bitcoin needs to gain more traction. As such, they tap Bitcoin Cash, which is the closest to the “real” Bitcoin people will get right now. The wallet is designed to be rather intuitive and convenient, with no unnecessary bells and whistles. An interesting choice, albeit one Japanese BCH supporters will certainly appreciate.

This new development is pretty positive for Bitcoin Cash as a whole. This alternate version of Bitcoin has quickly gained major traction in the past few months. It seems things will only get better from here on out. This is also visible in the current Bitcoin Cash price trend. While Bitcoin is recovering slowly, BCH is up by 12% all of a sudden. Rest assured we will see some interesting mind shifts in this regard moving forward.

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