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JCR Tokens, So Called, “Business Ethereum” are Available for Public Sale


New real-world applications of smart contracts are emerging nearly every day, and some of the biggest names across industries have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to develop smart contract-based projects.

Another one is right on time. Today, on the 1st of December, token sale for Jincor project begins.

Jincor aims to be the place where every business—large or small—can easily benefit from cryptocurrency payments and create smart contracts that work flawlessly right out of the box without any coding whatsoever. Once the team will bring smart contracts to businesses worldwide and enable them to integrate the technology into their activities with no legal or technological complications, and allow them to experience the benefits of new techs, the team expects the exponential growth of the demand for Jincor services.

What are the benefits? Cutting out middleman means savings for businesses. According to a McKinsey report, it is estimated that blockchain could save businesses at least $50 billion in B2B transactions by 2021.

According to Accenture research published at the start of 2017, investment banks alone could save up to $12 billion per year by adopting blockchain and smart contracts, efficiently a program code that automatically performs some actions when pre-defined conditions occur (i.e., if X does Y, then execute Z). The list goes on.

There is now an emergence of smart contract platforms like Jincor, which is touted as allowing any business to accept smart contracts and cryptocurrencies easily “with no legal, technical or operational complications in a cost-efficient manner.”

By the end of 2018, Jincor expects to have over 10,000 business customers in open beta and develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. Registering at Jincor.com and evaluating the advantages of Jincor’s ecosystem is free of charge for any business. However, if companies want to use digital verification, smart contracts, arbitrage system and other features of the platform, they will be charged in JCR tokens, as it will be a store of value, the sole means of paying transaction fees, and the mean of fueling smart contracts of Jincor protocol.

Boasting easy-to-use interfaces that even non-tech businesses can create, customize, and manage their blockchain smart contracts and process cryptocurrencies for payments, Jincor is launching the token sale to fund its plans.

The company has put on sale 76% of its JCR tokens, which will be an integral part of Jincor platform. The token price is $1 per 1 JCR; the ETH/JCR exchange rate is calculated automatically in accordance with the current ETH/USD rate. Earlier in August startup held pre-ICO campaign, selling 4% of JCR tokens emission, and reaching the hard cap in less than a week.  The token sale starts today, on the 1st of December, and will last until January 31, 2018, or until all the allocated tokens are sold, and the hard cap of $26.6 mln is reached (the soft cap is $2.5 mln).



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