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Jennifer Robertson Talks About Her Former Husband, Quadriga CX’s Gerald Cotten


Jennifer Robertson is the widow of Gerald Cotten, or Gerry as she calls him. Cotten is the man behind Quadriga CX, the most infamous of Canada’s cryptocurrency exchanges.

Robertson on Cotten: I Love the Person “That I Knew”

Cotten died in 2018 following a trip to India. Allegedly, he was the only man working with the exchange that carried the credentials necessary to access the company’s funds. With his passing, roughly 76,000 investors lost their money overnight, and the results have been one class-action lawsuit after another.

Several people have turned to Robertson, claiming she knows something. Others say she is part of a process that involved Gerald faking his own death, and Robertson says she’s received some rather threatening messages from angry investors. In a recent interview, she affirms that she had nothing to do with the scam behind Quadriga, and that she’s “not on an island with Gerry.” She says she loves the man she knew, but that in many ways, even she feels betrayed by him.

She mentioned:

I love the person that I knew. The person that has been reported on, I don’t love that person. I hate that person. That person, what he did to everybody else, what he did to me, I don’t understand it.

Looking at the situation, Robertson believes her former husband was playing a character. He became a huge spokesman for crypto, often attending conferences all over the world and speaking about how it was “money by people for people.” He was a huge advocate for it and claimed it would help people escape the clutches of banks and standard financial institutions.

Looking at the situation now, she believes this was all part of a plan to keep his true intentions hidden. She said:

I truly think it was Gerry’s cover. He obviously made it look like he was on the up and up to hide what he was doing and what he had done in the past… It is just appalling to me. I grew up in a middle class, good family. It’s just hard for me to fathom that Gerry could even live a life of crime for so long.

One of the big reasons people think Gerry may have been involved in something sinister is the fact that he engaged in lavish spending prior to the loss of Quadriga’s credentials. He traveled all over the world on private jets; he owned a luxury yacht along with 17 houses and drove a luxury vehicle. It’s simply too much money for one person over the course of just a few years.

A Lot of Luxury Buys

Jen Zegel – trust and estate lawyer from Kleinbard LLC – said:

I found it extremely concerning that in the few years leading up to his passing, he got his pilots’ license and learned how to operate the biggest yacht you can have without a crew.


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