John McAfee always has interesting opinions on cryptocurrency. While most of his social media posts can be ignored, a recent Bitcoin price prediction attracted a lot of attention. In his opinion, BTC will hit $15,000 again this year. This is supposed to happen in June, albeit the current market conditions tell a different story.

The Bitcoin price is subject to speculation and manipulation at all times. This most recent bearish pressure wave further illustrates that point. In situations like these, one always has to keep the bigger picture in mind. Easier said than done when things are looking rather gloomy. For John McAfee, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. He predicts a Bitcoin price of $15,000 by June 2018.

A Remarkable Prediction by John McAfee

Compared to the current Bitcoin value, that would be a 100% increase. It is not unfeasible, as Bitcoin has seen some interesting price rollercoasters for some time now. However, given the current sour sentiment, such an increase seems highly unlikely. Stranger things have happened in the cryptocurrency world over the years. Additionally, the momentum will turn against the bears at some point this year. June may be a bit too early, though.

What is rather interesting is how McAfee doesn’t use any technical analysis for this prediction. Unlike other speculators, he simply calls things as they happen and goes with the flow. He does claim to use some “algorithms”, but no one really knows what that means exactly. It is a good an indicator as any other we have seen being thrown around. Predicting is not part of humans’ skill sets, unfortunately.

Even so, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the Bitcoin price. Since the crazy end of 2017, there has been no positive momentum to speak of. Instead, the Bitcoin value has only dropped further and further. Such a massive correction cannot go on indefinitely by any means. However, it may take years until we see $15,000 or more again.

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