Internet maverick John McAfee is sporting a new tattoo in honor of his collaboration with the Skycoin platform.

One thing you can say about John McAfee is that he never does anything in half-measure. The cybersecurity specialist and cryptocurrency enthusiast usually plows straight ahead when something catches his interest. Over the last year or so, McAfee has stirred up quite a bit of debate by his various cryptocurrency promotions, which he usually heavily pushes on Twitter. This time, he’s taking a different tack as he is immortalizing his current collaboration with Skycoin by having a tattoo done.

More Ink for John McAfee

In a few Tweets, McAfee posted several videos of him getting the Skycoin tattoo done. The tattoo is located in the dead center of his back, right across the spine. He notes that this was an exceptionally painful spot.

In one Tweet, he says:

A tattoo that crosses the spine is at the top of the pain charts. This was my second such tattoo. At one point during my tattoo I had to reach deep to find the appropriate curse words.

He elaborates in another Twitter thread of how painful getting the tattoo was with some extremely salty language. One video shows the number of tattoos McAfee currently sports, and he shows some self-deprecating humor when someone asked about his ab regimen (he sports a healthy gut), saying:

Booze, cigarettes, zero exercise and experimental recreational research chemicals. I can skate by on this regimen because I am 73 and most people label the stomach ad meaningless compared to the miracle that I am still alive.

Staying Busy

McAfee is one busy person. His current promotion is for Skycoin, a company that provides various blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, such as trading and a blockchain-based network of Skyminers, which are nodes that receive coins in exchange for providing services and not for solving mathematical equations.

Back in June, John McAfee found himself in the hospital in a rather serious condition. He said that he had been poisoned by his enemies.

After he was released from the hospital and recovered, he announced the McAfee Foundation Crypto Art Program. This program would offer artists a one-month residency at Team McAfee’s Beach Cottage, offering the artists exposure and covering all their costs. The one caveat was that any art created would belong to the Foundation.

Of course, McAfee always seems to have drama going on. In August, he claimed that two individuals who worked with him stole $62 million in tokens. The two individuals deny the accusation.

The latest tidbit on the internet maverick is that there’s going to be a movie made about his life. The movie is currently in pre-production and will star Michael Keaton as McAfee and Seth Rogen as the Wired journalist who wrote the article on which the movie is based. The movie is described as:

Keaton will play McAfee, creator of the McAfee Antivirus software. McAfee cashed in his fortune, left civilization, and moved to the jungle in Belize, where he set up a compound of guns, sex, and madness. Rogen will portray Wired magazine investigator Ari Furman, who accepts what he thinks is a run-of-the-mill assignment to interview McAfee, but once he arrives in Belize, he finds himself pulled into McAfee’s escalating paranoia, slippery reality, and murder.

What do you think about John McAfee’s new tattoo? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Twitter/@officialmcafee.

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