Serial cryptocurrency entrepreneur and proponent John McAfee shared a video says that the IRS has convened a Grand Jury in the state of Tennessee in order to put him on charges for ‘unspecified’ crimes of felonious nature. However, he will continue running his 2020 Presidential campaign remotely from a boat in Venezuela. 

IRS to ‘Silence’ McAfee

The developer of one of the most popular antivirus software – John McAfee, released a video saying that the US IRS has convened a Grand Jury in the state of Tennessee.

According to the entrepreneur, the authorities are coming after him, his wife, and four of his campaign workers, attempting to put them on charges for ‘unspecified’ crimes.

In the video, McAfee also reaffirms that he hasn’t been paying any taxes in eight years and he doesn’t intend to start now.

McAfee, who currently seems to be in a boat along the shores of Venezuela, said he’ll continue running for President ‘in exile’.

What Does it Mean?

The tech veteran’s elaborate plan to manage his 2020 Presidential Campaign seems peculiar, to say the least.

In a detailed video, posted shortly after the first one, he explained how he intends to handle everything while being on a boat far away from the US.

McAfee says that he already has thousands of volunteers who will help him throughout his campaigning. These “road warriors” as the veteran calls them, will be carrying masks with his face on and portable loudspeakers.

These people will supposedly show up on street corners, parks, restaurants, conferences, and debates, while McAfee will be voicing his merits through the loudspeakers.

Interestingly enough, the entrepreneur doesn’t even want the presidency. In another tweet he said that he just wants the stage.

What do you think of McAfee being charged by the IRS and running his campaign from a boat? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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