The crypto space is big, but it’s not that big. In fact, a new survey suggests that roughly 60 percent of Americans either don’t know what cryptocurrency is or have no experience with it. However, according to Jonathan Jadali, social media is playing a huge role in getting the word out there about the world’s latest trading space.

Social Media Is a Big Tool for BTC and Other Forms of Crypto

Jadali has been involved in crypto trading since the age of 18. He’s now the successful owner of a public relations agency devoted to cryptocurrency, and he says that social media has been one of the biggest tools for attaining new followers and bringing people aboard the crypto train. In a recent interview, he states:

There’s a ready market for crypto-related information and a growing list of people now are meeting that demand on social media. There is little you cannot learn on YouTube and the countless crypto-focused Facebook groups. Brands and individuals alike are rushing to meet this glaring need, resulting in what I describe as crypto’s knowledge rush. This has been a hugely positive development, as the amount of valuable, crypto-based content has expanded greatly.

In recent days, he believes that the best content regarding cryptocurrency is coming from pages on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. He says that some of the world’s leading crypto experts have established themselves on these platforms and shell out knowledge daily to their followers. Eventually, more and more people catch on and the industry just gets bigger and more resilient.

He explains:

Some of the best content has come from big players like the blockchain company Ripple. They’ve made a big deal of sharing educational content and webinars on cryptocurrencies to their nearly one million Twitter followers. They even launched a TV show called ‘The Ripple Drop.’ For businesses like them, this is a vital way to build brand loyalty and to market their services, considering that crypto trading is still new and the skepticism around it has not yet fully disappeared.

This Is Going to Just Get Bigger

In addition, he has also commented that several new social networks are popping up all over the place. What’s the big clincher? Many of these are strictly crypto based or revolve around digital asset activity, which he claims is proof that the space is just getting stronger every day. He says:

Today, crypto-based social networks have started sprouting and providing tremendous value to traders and enthusiasts. It’s not just that crypto has benefited from social media. The future looks like crypto-based social media platforms are going to become a mainstay. Honest, Mamby, Hive and Bitfinex are just a few of the crypto-based social media networks that have been launched in the last two years. Most of these networks reward their users for their involvement in the networks.

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