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[ Joon. G Kim’s Column] 21c Gold rush trail; Bitcoin ETF


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First, I’m thankful to watch my column. When I publish my article

‘More ETF will be passed.’ is translated over the ten countries’ languages and posts investing.com India, Iq option, and many cryptocurrency channels. I am glad to everyone touch.

Last time, I mentioned that ‘More ETF will be passed’, which turned out to be true. NASDAQ approved the Valkyrie ETF.  Some of the rumors make the ETF pass the SECunfortunately; It is not. Nevertheless, CNBC Television broadcast the ‘Proshares bitcoin ETF slated to debut on Tuesday.’

But It is a highly meaningful thing in the Cryptocurrency market. 4 years ago, nobody thought it would be a pass. We should pay tribute to those who, like Charles Curtis, worked hard to get the bitcoin ETF to pass.

Many traders wonder to know ProShares and Valkyrie’s thoughts and words. They declined all of the comments.

If you’ve analyzed ETFs on Proshares, we must prepare the ice age; it will be colder than 2017.

Proshares makes two kinds of the fund when they make. The first one is every know which is for ‘long.,’ but they also invent the ‘Short’ and ‘Ultra Short’ which mean It can be possible to go down a lot. For example, They made Ultra 20+ Year Treasury fund, and then seven months later, they made Short 20+ Year Treasury fund. 

Joon G. Kim works the 2020 Korea Blockchain Renovation Lead 30; he also hosts the 2020 Blockchain Rising stars eight and NWARD. 2020 Korea blockchain Renovation lead 30 nominated the Samsung Electronic Vice President Kwon and Jeju Island Governor Kwon and 2020 Blockchain Rising stars 8 gives the award to the Kucoin and Jelurida. NWARD is the NFT AWARD organized from the Sandbox COO, Axie Infinity Grow lead, Dapperlabs CBO, and NEWSBTC CBDO.


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