The usage of bitcoin has grown beyond the underbelly of the internet to both online and offline platforms under the daylight. We have e-commerce platforms that now accept bitcoin payments from their customers. There are Bitcoin ATMs installed in strategic locations, including universities and shopping malls where people can insert cash or card and withdraw bitcoin. We have got shops with stickers screaming – “We Accept Bitcoin” aloud.

Now, Bitcoin can be used to buy a property, and someone has just done that! The supposed sale of a house for bitcoin is said to have happened in Denmark. The sale is executed by a real estate platform, According to the real estate platform, the property in discussion is located in the town of Morkov, Sealand.

By change, both parties of the transaction – owner of the property and the buyer both seemed to share the same idea and being the facilitator had a chance to connect them both to make this first property sale with bitcoin possible.’s representative, while speaking to a Danish publication Version 2 said

It was more or less a coincidence that we had a foreign buyer who would pay in bitcoin and the seller was open to the idea. has roped in Coinify to facilitate the trade by taking care of the required paperwork for this unique transaction. The buyer is said to have gained these 117 bitcoins for his role in mining the digital currency for a cryptocurrency startup. Coinify intends to use the blockchain records of the startup to signify the source of bitcoin in compliance with AML regulations. The transparency associated with bitcoin blockchain will make things a lot easier.

The sale of real estate will definitely set a new precedent for the use of bitcoin in our day to day life and beyond. It will demonstrate that bitcoin can be used for anything where money is involved.

Ref: Version 2
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