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KALI COIN ICO – With Its CoinRecoil Exchange Can Be a Real Threat to Existing Cryptocurrency Exchanges


KALI Coin ICO successfully completes private sale in just 5 days; Pre-ICO to start from 20th February 2018 at USD 0.035 in the first week, price increases every week.


  • Kali Coin ICO to promote international cryptocurrency exchange CoinRecoil; The first exchange to be launched in India; Also looks at Canada, Singapore and Australia for setting up country-specific FIAT to CRYPTO Exchange.
  • Investors of KALI COIN ICO will enjoy zero brokerage charges for one full year on exchange platform – CoinRecoil, privilege trading & customer services; reward with buyback programs.

INDIA, 17 Feb 2018: Private sale of KALI COIN Initial Coin Offering (ICO) received an overwhelming response from investors across the globe and was successfully completed in just 5 days of its opening, which was planned for one full week. The ICO became an instant hit among investors and received participation from World over for its unique country-specific FIAT-TO-CRYPTO EXCHANGE business model which aims to transform the trading in cryptocurrencies with its international cryptocurrency exchange – CoinRecoil; first exchange to be launched in India.

In simple words, Kali Coin ICO is an opportunity for investors across the globe to participate in the emerging and rewarding business of cryptocurrency trading. The main objective is to promote international cryptocurrency exchange – CoinRecoil. While the first exchange will be in India, talks are on with potential partners for country-specific FIAT to CRYPTO Exchanges in Canada, Singapore, and Australia as part of the expansion strategy.

“We want to first thank all our investors and well-wishers for the success of the private sale of Kali Coin ICO. For the investors who couldn’t participate in the private sale, the good news is that our Pre-ICO will open on 20th February 2018. Further to broad base participation from small ticket investors, we have removed the minimum investment cap for the pre and main ICO,” said Mr. Kunal Barchha, Co-Founder, KALI Coin and CoinRecoil.

CoinRecoil aims to eliminate limitations that Indian and international users are facing today while trading in Crypto Currencies through superior in-house IT infrastructure, dedicated customer service call center, and offer hassle-free trading and investment in cryptocurrencies. CoinRecoil will have browser and mobile apps for its users. This will enable them to buy, sell, send, receive, or store all the supported cryptocurrencies. Other cryptocurrencies shall be added based on the platform as per market demands.

Investors of KALI COIN ICO will also enjoy zero brokerage charges for one full year, privilege trading & customer services among others. In addition, all new ALT coins shall be paired with KALI coins which will ensure demand for the Kali Coins all the time. Further, every year 20% of the exchange profit will be utilized to buyback KALI coins, further rewarding coin holders.

“To provide seamless trading experience at CoinRecoil, we will address all the existing issues that traders are facing. This includes hosting our exchange on our own servers, dedicated call center for better customer service, upgrade our IT infrastructure with increasing volumes and providing instant fiat deposits and withdrawal option. Instead of going global, we will be having registered companies in different countries over a period of time and have dedicated IT resources as well as customer support staff to entertain users of that specific countries; this is our expansion strategy,” said Mr. Barchha.

“Kali coins are priced with enough value left on the table for the investors and they grow along the success of CoinRecoil. Many exchanges offer only crypto-to-crypto trading pairs which leave the new investor with very limited options to enter the crypto space. The objective is to address the challenges in crypto trading and make CoinRecoil – the first choice for anyone who thinks of investing in Crypto space by offering them fundamentally strong coins along with best exchange features. CoinRecoil will operate on the international level by registering companies in different countries, which means, users from other countries where we have registered business, can sign up and start trading in cryptocurrencies,” said Mr. Gopal Modi, Co-founder, KALI Coin and CoinRecoil.

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