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Katie Cassidy Is the Latest TV Star to Fall in Love with Crypto


Katie Cassidy has gone from being a television star to a cryptocurrency fan.

Katie Cassidy Is Getting Into NFTs

Cassidy starred as the Black Canary superhero throughout the eight-year run of the CW Network’s popular television program “Arrow” and in many of the show’s spinoffs. At one point, the CW was looking to potentially film an all-female version of “Green Arrow” that would have starred Cassidy, though it looks like this project will not be coming to fruition.

With the death of that show, Cassidy is not worried or complaining about the situation. By contrast, she is taking this time to shift gears a bit and focus more on other passions, one being cryptocurrency and token investing. She has also become a fan of NFT’s or non-fungible tokens, and she has recently dropped her first NFT series known as ME.SHE.WE.

The project involves a series of digital portraits done in black and white as a means of showing her fans who she really is and allowing them to get a stronger glimpse of her life. Discussing the project in a recent interview, Cassidy states:

It all really forced me to learn how to love myself. I had no other choice. My show had ended, my career was totally changing, and then the world was totally changing, and that is sort of what inspired me to do this… I am a big gamer. Since I was a kid, I have loved technology. I wanted to be the first celebrity, in my world, to do this. I wanted to be a pioneer in this space as a woman.

Following the release of her NFTs, they were all showcased at an event known as Open Sea, a P2P marketplace that features a wide array of similar tokens and cryptocurrency-based tools and products. Much of the proceeds that stem from her artwork go to assorted non-profits and charities that Cassidy supports, including the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund and Life Way Network.

She says:

I really learned a lot about myself. I can give back, and hopefully this will inspire, encourage, and empower other women to embrace themselves. To love themselves, because we really cannot have relationships with anyone until we have a good one with ourselves, which I know sounds basic, but it is so hard.

In addition to all her crypto work, Cassidy is now examining the directing space, having recently landed a comedy project that will see her working behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera. Her first shot as a director came via the third episode of season eight of “Arrow,” and she is excited to see where this newfound career path will take her.

The World’s Newest Director?

She says:

My eyes were popping out of my head like a kid in a candy store. The whole experience was so incredible.


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