Physical hardware bitcoin wallets are considered to be the safest of all the available bitcoin wallets out there. Trezor has been one of the leading brands of hardware bitcoin wallets available in the market. Now we have another contender in the market by the name of KeepKey which might give Trezor a run for its money.

Built on the original Trezor software fork, KeepKey has one upped Trezor in terms of design and ease of use. The wallet also offers transaction confirmations on the device itself. KeepKey keeps the private keys safe, it makes sure that the private key of your bitcoin wallet never leaves the device. Setting up KeepKey very simple, starting with the installation of KeepKey extension on the browser. The extension initializes the device and enables bitcoin transactions though KeepKey. Plug the device, enter name for device, and choose a pin. Once the pin is set, the device will display the recovery sentence which is necessary for recovering the device if the passkey is list. The recovery sentence will be shown only once.

The KeepKey extension on chrome gets activated whenever the user chooses to pay with bitcoin option on any site. The KeepKey extension will pop-up and fill in the payment details automatically and prompts for the KeepKey PIN. Once authenticated, the KeepKey device connected to the computer will send the required amount of bitcoin through the bitcoin network.

Addition features include altcoin support and regular firmware upgrades. KeepKey currently supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Testcoin, Dash, Dogecoin and Namecoin. Being an open source product, the KeepKey source codes are available on GitHub. KeepKey shares few features with Trezor as it is developed over Trezor software fork.

KeepKey flaunts a sleek modern design with a large OLED screen, makes it look a lot better than Trezor and offers extra functionalities as well. People interested in ordering one can drop in their email id on KeepKey’s website and they will be notified as soon as the wallet is available on sale.

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