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Kelly Werder Teaches New Crypto Course at Florida University


Kelly Werder is a cryptocurrency fanatic that is so into the growing space, she has created a whole new course centered around it at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Kelly Werder Is Offering a New Course on Crypto

Werder is an instructor through the university’s Daveler & Kauanui School of Entrepreneurship. The course is an elective class designed to answer the many questions her students have asked about bitcoin, its technology, and its altcoin cousins. She stated in an interview that the course was created from scratch and commented:

There isn’t a textbook. It literally doesn’t exist.

Some of the main topics of the course are blockchain as a technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are still relatively new but have ultimately attracted quite a bit of attention in recent years. She says that one of her big objectives is to protect her students from crypto scams, which she says have become far too prominent in recent years. She stated:

This technology is so interesting, and I think it’s going to have a lot of different applications in the future. We need entrepreneurs to know about and understand it and how to build on it.

The course is in an infant stage, having been launched only last January, but Werder says the response to the course has been overwhelmingly positive. She says:

Everyone seemed to really love it.

The first course ultimately garnered as many as 75 signups. There were 45 students from the entrepreneurship program, while the remaining 30 came from computer engineering. The course has garnered enough attention that it’s going to repeat in the fall. Werder is confident the growing acceptance of the course will make it not only permanent, but part of the university’s required curriculum for certain degree program(s) in question. She said:

It’s an exciting topic, and it’s an exciting time to be teaching it. That’s for sure.

Due to the recent crash, Werder has changed the course up a bit and is now focusing on five things that students should know to protect themselves from further dips. The main thing is that they should never invest more than what they are willing to lose. She also says that one should never click on a link sent through email, as it likely came from a scammer that is looking to prey on someone who doesn’t know any better.

She also says students should always do their own research and educate themselves about the coins and projects they want to invest in. They should never share their passwords or seed phrases with anyone, and they shouldn’t simply rush into a crypto asset out of fear. Rather, they should take their time and see what’s right for them.

Students Love the Class

Werder says:

I share all of these with students in detail throughout the course.


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