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Kelta’s Pre-ICO Is Over. The Main Token Sale Started on April, 2


Launched on March 26 pre-sale of Kelta tokens (KLT) came to a close. The ICO of KELTA operating industrial data center for cryptocurrency mining has begun on April, 2. During the first token distribution period, the minimum price for 1 KLT was set at 0.00495 ETH. By the time of press release issue, 7708.16475 ETH have been raised.

The crowdsale has begun on April 2 and consists of 4 stages:

  • Stage 1 (April 2-8) – 0.00565 ETH/1 KLT
  • Stage 2 (April 9-15) – 0.00595 ETH/1 KLT
  • Stage 3 (April 16-22) – 0.00625 ETH/1 KLT
  • Stage 4 (April 23-29) – 0.00656 ETH/1 KLT

Token distribution

Kelta offers 12.5 million tokens in total. 10 million are available for purchase during the crowdsale period. The distribution of the remaining coins is as follows:

  • 250.000 — Bounty + Referral program
  • 312.500 — Advisors
  • 625.000 — Team
  • 625.000 — Founders
  • 687.500 — Recovery fund

The quantity of remaining issued tokens depends on the total ICO charges.

Kelta has decided to accept up to 48.000 ICOS tokens.

Even though Kelta an established data center and ICOBox an established provider of SaaS ICO solutions are not in partnership anymore. Original ICOS token holders will have a chance to use their tokens as initially intended.

During the process of finalizing its product before its launch onto the market, Kelta’s team realized the need for certain improvements, which consequently lead to an end of a partnership with ICOBox.

Due to the fact that ICOS token holders already received the benefit from ICOBox the exchange of their ICOS tokens for KLT will be only possible in general sale instead of pre-sale.

Advantages of the KLT Token:

  • Use of Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin for KLT token purchase.
  • 50 years of access to computing power (1 KLT = 1W).
  • Access to the KELTA application with a choice of cryptocurrencies to mine.
  • Membership in the exclusive community of cryptocurrency experts.
  • Minimum 1 year of token renting.


KELTA is a large data center providing its computing power on an industrial scale for researchers, scientists, and miners. Kelta’s distinctive feature is the low cost of services only available to token holders. 1 kW/h = 1 KLT.

KELTA’s objective is to make the data center accessible to the whole world. The company is a part of the AGEM DATA group of companies, which owns the data collection and processing center. KELTA Capital is a self-governing organization that performs functions of the center operator and the tokens seller.

The data center is located in Slovakia, Eastern Europe. The country’s low electricity tariffs combined with cold climate provide ideal conditions for natural cooling and operation of computer systems in 24/7 mode.

Innovative cooling system

Round-the-clock processing of a huge amount of computing power often leads to regular overheating and replacement of equipment. KELTA uses an innovative cooling system – dielectric coolant using liquid immersion freezing.

No fans or extra electricity charges! We guarantee that the data center is going to function for at least 50 years and the token holders are going to be able to use the provided capacities any time. As for the miners, cryptocurrencies are perfect for steady continuous earnings.

Security comes first!

The main building of the data center is protected by advanced security systems and can withstand a collision with large-sized objects. The walls are 18-cm-thick, the barbed wire fence is 3 meters tall. Entering the building is only possible through a single checkpoint where professional security guards work. Strict access control is in place. The center is equipped with a CCTV system.

Practical benefits of KELTA

KELTA provides its computing power at an affordable price and on an industrial scale. Not only cryptocurrency lenders are interested in Kelta: scientists, researchers, cryptocurrency miners, etc. would like to earn income through the rent of Kelta’s equipment.

Areas of application:

  • Research in the field of neural networks (machine learning, artificial intelligence).
  • Modeling of climate change in meteorology.
  • Modeling of atomic level proteins.
  • Astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology researches.
  • Testing the new cryptographic algorithms.

The KLT tokens are available in the EREC-20 ERS network. KELTA uses a unique method of token distribution – for every 100 KLTs sold, 25 more tokens are issued in surplus.

ICO Information:

Pre-Sale: March 26 – April 2 (25% discount)
Token Sale: April 2 – April 30
Soft Cap: 2.000.000 KLT
Hard Cap: 10.000.000 KLT

For more information about the ICO visit https://tokens.kelta.com?ref=iwza5


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