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Keplertek: Less Than 48 Hours to Go Until Extra Sale


After selling out the full allocation of its Community Building Stage and Pre Sale, Keplertek is excited to start its Extra Sale on June 19th, 2018 at 8 PM (UTC+4). This 2-day event (lasting until June 21st, 2018, 8 PM (UTC+4)) is an extension of the already sold out Pre-Sale and gives investors from around the world one final chance to participate while the generous 30 percent bonus set by Keplertek is active. The market seems to have stabilized a bit over the weekend and things are looking quite stable, making this the perfect time for you to add some ETH to your wallet, and make some final preparations for Extra Sale!

Keplertek has been able to generate more and more hype for their revolutionary ideas and raise close to 8 million USD in funding since the start of Pre-Sale. The crypto community has woken up to KEP’s full potential, as all presale tokens were sold two weeks ahead of schedule, with over 400.000 being purchased within the first 24 hours. During Extra Sale only 500.000 tokens (valued at $1.25 each) will be made available, making it all the more important for potential investors to be quick and not to wait until the last minute. People that missed their Pre-Sale reservations due to not triggering them in time may trigger them now and treat themselves to some KEP. After witnessing enormous demand for Keplertek’s previous sales, leading experts and advisors all agree that Keplertek is the most high-potential investment of the year!

The minimum investment during Extra Sale is 0.2 ETH, however, taking a significant position in KEP now not only offers the last opportunity of benefiting from the 30% bonus.

Keplertek’s team of young geniuses are another step closer to reaching the soft cap of 10 million USD, which seems more and more like a formality. Make a revolutionary investment into a limitless future and join the ranks of close to 20.000 investors – Blockchain, AI and Robotics are the future, and Keplertek will unite them all!

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