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Kim Dotcom Wants To Take Bitcoin Mainstream Soon


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Not too long ago, Kim Dotcom issued an announcement regarding how his upcoming service will revolve around Bitcoin somehow.Ever since that time, there has been a lot of speculation as to what this initiative would entail exactly. It seems rather evident Dotcom has a big plan to take Bitcoin mainstream in the future.

Kim Dotcom Has A Bitcoin Plan

Right now, it is still anybody’s guess as to what Kim Dotcom has planned for Bitcoin. Taking this cryptocurrency mainstream has been quite a challenge so far, even for industry experts. Despite support from major companies, such as Overstock.com, Microsoft, and others, Bitcoin remains a very niche product to this very day.

At the same time, it is important to note the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to grow year over year.  The value of this cryptocurrency continues to increase as well, albeit we are currently experiencing somewhat of a dip due to block size uncertainty. Then again, Bitcoin has been the most profitable asset in the past few years, a fact that cannot be denied by anyone in the world.

Kim Dotcom posted a new tweet yesterday evening, which has the Bitcoin community speculating again:

This new statement reaffirms earlier speculation of how there will be some correlation between Bitcoin and his new file sharing service. It is no secret Dotcom wants to launch a better version of Megaupload, and preferably one that has no central point of failure. Moreover, it is not impossible he will launch this service on his own, to avoid being stabbed in the back like what happened to previous iterations of this platform.

Taking Bitcoin mainstream can mean just about anything, though. A file sharing service is not ‘mainstream” for most consumers. Then again, integrating Bitcoin into existing mainstream services may be quite a challenge as well. Thankfully, more and more companies have seen the value of Bitcoin in recent months.

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