Cryptocurrency or Bitcoins are something that needs details for better understanding. It is important to get help as Bitcoins are really cryptic. In fact, beinga new concept of decentralized currency it is good to have more and comprehensive knowledge about this subject and Bitcoin Charts help in better understanding of the this unique currency. It is really different as they are not affected by the political borders. In fact, it will revolutionize the way we thinkabout money and value transfer.

The bitcoin charts are reliable sourcesto elaborate the methods of evaluations and transactions of bitcoins. These charts are usually prepared by the bitcoin community who with the help of informational data and the community has an integrated group of dedicated volunteers.

Each of the Bitcoin charts serves a specific purpose and in this article we will elaborate a few of these charts and their importance. The most common and important chart usually is the market capitalization which is particularly prepared to help the people in understanding the monetary base of bitcoins. It is evaluated by multiplying the exchange rate in US Dollars for that daywith the number of total bitcoins historically in existence. Another important bitcoin chart is the Price chart that compares the last trade price for bitcoin (BTC) compared with a number of currencies. This chart ranks the various exchanges by 30-day volume.

Along with the market capitalization and Price Chart, the price depth chart is also very useful in understanding bitcoins. This chart compares US Dollar with BTC on the leading exchange. It is in fact the best way to figure out the overall market price of Bitcoins

These are a few of the important charts, but bitcoins are revolutionizing the whole currency transactions and there are numerous other charts, so if you want to know more in depth about these charts please leave a message in the comment section below.

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