Buying bitcoins is not easy and with increasing awareness that bitcoin is the money of the future more and more people are looking for options and places where one can get these bitcoins. So, this article will help you know the various methods through which one can procure this unique cryptocurrency. There are different two or three ways in which ways you can acquire this currency. One can buy bitcoins from either exchanging it or directly buying it from the people selling them. You can pay for them in a variety of ways including hard cash, credit/debit cards, wire transfers and even different types of crypto currencies. So there are different ways to get bitcoins depending on from where and from whom you want to buy them.

But it is not easy to buy these bitcoins using credit cards as these transactions not reliable and can be cancelled just over a phone call. In the recent times the popularity of this currency has grown considerably in some countries. In the United States there a few places like Circle, Trucoin, Coinbase, and that offer bitcoin purchases with cards. Even in UK there are Bittylicious and Coin Corner that offer bitcoins and accept 3D Secure-enabled cards on the Visa and MasterCard networks. An easy option to get a small amount of bitcoinis with the help of $20-worth card at Tinkercoin.

Besides cards the consumers who cannot use these facilities can procure bitcoins in places in US where one can get bitcoins in exchange of money orders, personal checks and wire transfers.

Now when one is buying bitcoins it is also important to have a bitcoin wallet in which we can store these bitcoins. They are like bank accounts where one can safely store the money. These wallets are of two types one is a software wallet which is stored on the hard drive of your computer, or the other is an online wallet that uses web-based service.

We hope that this article enlightened you on how one can buy bitcoin and how to store it.

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