KoCurrency, a cryptocurrency trading signals and price prediction platform is all set to make Bitcoin trading profitable. Calling itself, the “crypto investment and insights platform,” KoCurrency is designed to analyze the trading behavior of seasoned investors while taking into account other data points to provide the most reliable signals.

Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility, and the profitable traders are those who know when to sell or buy any cryptocurrency. But not everyone is born with the knack to do that, and those who are successful have learned the skill by experience and reading the trends right.

KoCurrency offers reliable Bitcoin price predictions by efficiently making use of an intelligent machine learning application that harnesses the power of crowd by analyzing the behavior patterns of traders who are part of the community. Armed with the data, KoCurrency provides cryptocurrency traders with actionable investment advice on whether to buy, sell or avoid certain cryptocurrencies.

The idea of KoCurrency was born in June 2016, and it took about six months for the platform to come into existence. By April, the platform signed up over 100 beta testers while issuing a certain amount of KoCoins — the tokens for the exchange of value over the platform. By June 2017, the KoCoins ICO went underway, which will continue until 5 million tokens are sold.

According to the development roadmap, KoCurrency is currently in the process of data collection and inspection, while closely monitoring the activities to identify indicators and thresholds that will allow them to determine super predictors. The platform has more in store for its users including an exchange platform and multiple upgrades towards perfection.

KoCurrency invites active participation from the cryptocurrency community, both in the ongoing ICO and as users of the platform. Users can contribute to the platform by pledging intelligence on intelligence contracts. In return, they will receive intelligence tokens, which can be converted to KoCoins and exchanged for Bitcoin, Ripple or any other cryptocurrency or fiat over KoCurrency’s exchange platform.

Some of the other features that are part of the KoCurrency platform includes Smart Social Network, Smart CryptoNews, Cryptocurrency Education Resources, and more. With KoCurrency, investors can identify the crypto-opportunities early and take right decisions to earn profits.

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