KuCoin blockchain asset is proudly announcing the listing of Gram Gold Coin Collaboration’s GGC today. Deposits are now available with trading pairs including GGC/BTC and GGC/USDT.

All transactions are accessed utilizing KuCoin’s official website or to their mobile app for iOS and Android. Schedules are as follows:

  • GGC Buying order: 15:30 November 30, 2018 (UTC+8)
  • GGC Selling order: 16:00 November 30, 2018 (UTC+8)
  • GGC Withdrawal: 18:00 November 30, 2018 (UTC+8)

About Gram Gold Coin Collaboration (GGC)

Gram Gold Coin Collaboration maintains and distributes the GGC through the application of gold bullion with the blockchain as a transaction platform. GGCC intends to integrate product design, interest alignment, and market dynamics to develop GGC’s acknowledgment by all market members as a base digital token for financing, payment, trade, and value preservation that most fiat money and crypto assets cannot produce due to the constraints they face.

What is GGC?

A GGC is backed by 1 gram of Gold as the value and is transacted within the blockchain so that the gold price maintains its smallest value and secondary transactions can be sent out with a high level of efficiency, confidentiality, and safety. GGCC will distinctly issue different token called GramGold Eco (“GGE”). GramGold Eco will be taken by members of the founder team, advisors and exchanges, who help to continue to retain the overall GramGold Ecosystem (the “Ecosystem”) of GGC and GGE alive.

Why do you need GGC?

The following diagram illustrates how GGC can seamlessly meet various needs in different worlds through its unique characteristics inherited from Precious Metal, Currency, Crypto, and Blockchain.

Defense of Inflation

GGC uses the “gold standard”, meaning that each GGC is minted only when the correct corresponding amount of gold bullion is held in reserve. The scarcity of physical gold will effectively limit devaluation as compared to the devaluation issues that fiat money faces currently.

Ultimate Haven

Although gold is no longer the foundation of the international monetary system, its status as a bastion of stability has endured, a role which has become increasingly important in today’s unpredictable environment. Over the years, gold’s reputation for safety and durability has made it a mainstay for investors seeking to safeguard the long-term value of their capital.

Portfolio Diversification

Harry Markovitz is well known for his “Modern Portfolio Theory,” which is the formula that says that systematic risk cannot be varied away as it is a risk for the entire market. Still, purchasing gold as a hedge against crises can be viewed as a hedge against this type of threat. During extreme conditions, gold tends to soar while other assets make a downturn.

Images courtesy of KuCoin


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