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Kyle Lu: Achain Pioneers Blockchain Application


Dubai UAE, April 16, 2018: Leaders, economic pioneers, and investors from all over the world joined the world blockchain forum. Innovative solutions and disruptive methods were introduced by the event’s speakers, among whom, Achain’s Partner Kyle Lu shared his insights into the future of blockchain.

Blockchain and crypto hype has been slowing down and the bearish crypto market has driven even seasoned investor away, evidenced by the declining price of Bitcoin and Ethereum. This, however, is not a sign of a declining market, but a rationalized market, where crypto projects are starting to really bring blockchain application onto the table.

According to Kyle, there have been many attempts to create useful tools with blockchain technology. However, the earliest adoptions of the technology are only in industries such as fintech, gaming, and social media. With examples such as Cryptokitties and many of its copycats, there is a high chance that gaming industry will emerge a killer app based on blockchain and become the first industry that pioneers the blockchain application building which will benefit from the token business model. At the same time, incentive-based social media is more likely to establish a large community.

Kyle Speaking at World Blockchain Forum

“Decentralized apps usually start from issuing a token or building a smart contract on a public blockchain, such as Ethereum or Achain. But what I can see here is that successful apps will eventually leave the platform and build its own customized blockchain. That’s where we come in. At Achain, we provide services that allow developers to fork a customized chain for their specific needs, besides helping them issue tokens and smart contracts. With numerous projects under our belt, I think it’s safe to say that Achain pioneers the new era of blockchain application.” Kyle explained to the audience.

As a public blockchain platform, Achain offers an open and scalable environment for building decentralized apps. Its high transaction rate and proprietary RDPOS consensus serve as a solid foundation for Dapps.

ImageKyle Speaking at World Blockchain Forum


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